Taco Day!

Glisel | Wednesday, September 30, 2020

We need to have a Taco'bout this.

Taco Day? Are the players responsible for this new AdventureQuest 3D community holiday?

Players have been reminding the team daily to do "SOMETHING" for this year's Taco Day.... apparently, our community REALLY LOVES TACOS! O_O  Acaulescent (AKA Tacolescent) especially has been persistently reminding Artix (Thanks Acaulescent!)  But when Artix asked the team if they would make a taco item... things abruptly got outta hand. Hop on AdventureQuest 3D and join us in the social district!

Taco Day

Tito Taco

Tito the terrific taco enthusiast is in the Social District now. He's waiting to teach you how to make tacos for Taco Day. These tacos are more than just delicious crunchy goodness, they are... money. You can trade them in for items in the Taco Day Shop!

Taco Day Taco Menu

Taco Day Shop

Trade in your tacos for taco items!

  • Taco Commander (helm - 5 tacos)
  • Taco Pet (20 tacos)
  • Taculous Pet (20 tacos)
  • Tasty Taco (Equips to your head... Taco in your mouth - 10 tacos)
  • Taculous Head (helm - 5 tacos)
  • Taco Shoulders (shoulders - 2 tacos)
  • Taco Back (back - 2 tacos)
  • Taco Libre Mask (helm - 2 tacos)
  • Taco Libre Jumpsuit (armor - 5 tacos)
  • Taco Bow (bow - 10 tacos)
  • Taco Daggers (weapon - 10 tacos)
  • Taco Bobber (2 tacos)
  • Taco Axe (500 DC - from last year)




The Taculous rift has opened... and from it sprang this terrifyingly delicious Taculous monster. It drops Taco Seasoning, an ingredient needed to make tacos for crafting items in the Taco Shop. (Created by Xero.)  

Taco Twos-Day (Daily Quest)

There is a daily quest which allows you to earn TWO Tacos... because the only thing better than one taco. Is two tacos.

Taco Libre!

Who is this mysterious masked luchador? Nobody knows. He only shows up during random mini-live events... so expect a few of them this weekend with some live event coin chest reward *IF* you can defeat him.

Taco Libre

Taco On!

Stay crunchy and see you in the Social District of town.


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