Arrrr You Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Glisel | Thursday, September 14, 2023

Talk Like a Pirate Day is back with a barrel o’ fun!

Gunpowder Mary has returned to Battleon with the 2023 Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection. Pick and choose your favorites from the collection or buy the Collector’s Chest to get everything in the collection plus the title “Barrel o’ Monkey”. Sneaky ol’ Captain Crisp has follow in Mary’s wake to get his revenge on Captain Rhubarb by selling Cursed Ship Summoning Runes. Summon Cursed Ships for your friends and the community and each successful defeat of the ships delivers a pile of loot to plunder!

The 2023 Collection

Thar be a treasure trove of goodies in this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection! Take a gander at what’s in store for yer self!

  • Collector’s Chest with Title “Barrel o’ Monkey
  • Rapscallion the Monkey (Travel Form)
  • Macawliday (Pet)
  • Soul String Rod (Fishing Rod)
  • Legion Spiked Bobber
  • Legion Flintlock Cutlass
  • Legion Eclipse Pirate Armor set
    • Eclipse Armor
    • Pitch Black Armor
    • Cape
    • Captain’s Hat
    • Skull Hat
    • Shoulder Plates
    • Gloves
    • Belt
    • Boots

  • Wave Breaker Longsword
  • Greater Wave Breaker
  • Shark Bait Helm
  • Cobalt Privateer's Hat
  • Skullywag's Gilded Cutlass
  • Tribal Lorean Punk Pirate set
    • Armor
    • Skull (Helm)
    • Decorated Skull (Helm)
    • Gold-Trimmed Snake Companion (Back)
    • Voodoo Compass (Back)
    • Shoulder Pads
    • Gloves
    • Boots
    • Belt
  • Tribal Lorean Hatchet (Melee Weapon)
  • Tribal Lorean Hatchet and Blunderbuss (Melee Weapon)
  • Tribal Lorean Blunderbuss (pistol)
  • Tribal Lorean Blunderbuss and Hatchet (pistol)

New Additions to the 2023 Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection!

Since you loved these little guys so much, we added their alternate forms to the Collection. You can now choose to have Macawliday and Rapscallion as either a travel form or a pet… or both! (As of 9/20/2023)

Summon a Cursed Pirate Ship for your Friends!

Captain Crisp is a long time rival of Captain Rhubarb and he’s brought a whole lot of firepower with him to Battleon. With a Cursed Ship Summoning Rune a life-sized Cursed Pirate Ship will instantly appear and begin attacking with the full force of its cannon power. Sunder the cursed ship to plunder its loot! Every ship has a stack of Captain Crisp’s Tokens which can be used to purchase the rarer items found aboard a pirate’s ship. There is also a chance of looting some of Captain Crisp’s own ‘Crispy Dubloons’ to add to your own pocket.

Captain Crisp’s Haul

  • Cursed Ship Summoning Rune
  • Captain Crisp Uniform
  • Captain Crisp Belt
  • Captain Crisp Boots
  • Captain Crisp Hat
  • Captain Crisp’s Spoon
  • Deep Sea Pirate’s Swill (consumable - Blue Pirate travel form)
  • Honeyed Wheat Pirate’s Drink (consumable - Gold Pirate travel form)

Beleen’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Live Event!

We be celebratin' this grand occasion in style with a special in-game Live Event on Tuesday, September 19! Mark yer calendars (best with an X to mark the spot), brush up on yer "yo ho hos" and "aye ayes," and get ready to have more fun than a barrel o’ monkeys, because September 19th be a day ye won't want to miss nor forget!

Live Event time and Location be announced soon, so ye best be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord to be the first to plunder the details!

Last Chance

  • Zephyrath is expected to leave the Social District around September 20th, as well as ending the double Samurai Class Tokens boost.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day 2023 Collection and Captain Crisp will be leaving around October 11th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

Loremaster Hazel is researching clues to help you find the next pieces of the Cosmic Raiment!

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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