Top 15 Things to do in AdventureQuest 3D right now!

Glisel | Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Top 15 Things to do in AdventureQuest 3D

"Greetings and salutations! With so many new and returning faces in the game, we thought you might find this list handy. See you in game" - Artix


#1 Go to the ENCORE and earn the new Travel Form!

Encore! The virtual concert with Breaking Benjamin has been revived and extended. Join us in game \now for non-stop shows with rewards for players of all levels. Just head to town and use the portal.


  • Eclipsion Travel Form!
  • Quest to create a free Collection with 50+ items, travel forms, and more
  • "Far Away" Badge & Title
  • Virtual Selfie with the band
  • ...there is a title that unlocks if you fall off a platform XD

#2 Earn the Death Caster Set in the Arena of Souls

High level players should head to the underworld and take on this level 20+ challenge. Battle the Devourer of Souls and craft the new Death Caster set with those amazing blue wings.


  • Death Caster Wings
  • Death Caster Scythe
  • Death Caster Armor Set
  • All of the previous Undead Legion items from the Arena of Souls

#3 Beat the Friday the 13th Challenges

Last chance! Venture to our horror sleepaway camp and learn the legend of Shrade. Do the short storyline and then, if you are brave, take on the two challenge dungeons....

Dungeons & Rewards

  • Shrade X: Get some friends and enter the sunken otherworldly ship in the middle of the lake with friends.
  • Fleshette: Enter the dreamworld and try to defeat Fleshette. Turn in the pieces of memory and dreams you collect on the way to craft your own Fleshette armor and weapons.
  • Don't forget to pick up your winning "Blue Skulls" team back flag

#4 Beat all of the Parkour Maps

Find and solve all of the jumping challenges hidden across the game. Each one unlocks a special title & badge.

  • Box Springs - Near Fort Sneed in Greenguard Forest
  • The Mouse Hole - Look for a small mouse hole In Yulgar’s Inn
  • Alata’s Cavern - In the Mushmen area of the Dragon Graveyard
  • Salire Draco - Defeat the Dragonslayer storyline in Ashfall and you will unlock this challenge and you can access this right of the Dragon's lair.
  • Underworld Parkour - Enter the underworld and go to the Underworld Gate. This one has SKULL LAZERS O_O

#5 Do the Daily Boss Fight Challenge

Hop on to fight the Boss Monster of the day. Just go to any of the Quest Boards or the Town Portal to jump right in.

  • Item rewards are now good for you no matter what your level!
  • Craft special items from each boss.
  • Earn a Daily Boss Trophy. Each one earned gets you closer to an awesome new armor piece or weapon from Cysero’s Forge.

#6 Do Winnie's New Tailor Shop Quests

You can find Winnie's NPC in Battleon at her market stall by Yulgar's Inn. She's dedicated to helping you find the right clothes to fit your personal style.

  • The Garment Shop has a beautiful Fortune-Hunter armor set ready to purchase for gold.
  • Run some quests to help Winnie gather materials for two additional unique armor sets and a new sword!

#7 Get your Daily Login Reward

Only takes a few seconds to pop on and get your daily reward. We'll never reset your progress. So you just keep making progress towards the big shiny chests.

  • New armor pieces and weapons
  • Free DCs
  • Pet Feed to earn a pet of your own!
  • Treasure Shards to help you get exactly what you want
  • Temporary travel forms (consumables)

#8 Get "a head" at the House of Oddities

Wander to the left in town to find the Social District. There, you will find a little oddities shop... with quests and highly unusual items for your head.

  • Buy and Quest for Ridiculous/Fun cosmetic items
  • Have your fortune told by Madame Astra

#9 Adopt a Pet

Talk to Aria at the Pet Shop. She has lots of cute and terrifying creatures to adopt!

  • Earn a pet by collecting Pet Feed from treasure chests or daily quests
  • Buy pets and the Pet Handler armor set
  • Quest for the Master Crate and a feline friend

#10 Get the "Dagger Killed Me" Title

Dagger is the AdventureQuest 3D's game dev responsible for the most BRUTAL and deadly dungeons. You will receive the “Dagger Killed Me” title when you fall prey to one of his special traps in the “Daitengu’s Bamboo Forest” challenge on Yokai Island. Of course, you can also beat the Daitengu boss challenge to collect his Katana, Armor, and Wings.

#11 The Bank

Go to the bank and open an account... stop a bank robbery, and quest into giant vaults filled with gold.


  • Free Bank Vault
  • Key Staffs (Because Key Swords were taken) and other rewards
  • "Valued Bank Customer" title XD

#12 Get the Legendary "A Frogzard ate my head" helm

Want to walk around being perpetually eaten by a Frogzard? We don't judge. But this is an EXTREMELY rare drop. You only have a teeeeny, tiny, near impossible chance of it dropping off the Mommazard.


  • "A Frogzard ate my head" Helm

#12 Part II, the Sequel! Beat around the Bush

Transform into a... Bush? If you are looking for a special item that has a 100% chance to drop and is funny as heck, find the path to that giant evil tree with all the puns near Greenguard forest. Then search around that tiny grove for a hidden box.


  • Bush Travel Form (It moves at 1% speed)

#13 Visit New Heartwood!

The new Heartwood forest has arrived and it is larger, more beautiful, has new cinematic cutscenes, and new gear for everyone, and more! The story also features the 1st of the Void King's villains. 

Are you a Guardian? The Nature Guardian Tower is waiting for you with an exclusive story line and boss challenge.



  • New Craftable Stat Gear
  • New pets and travel forms

#14 Reach Max Level

Ding! Hit level 29 and get access to the most powerful items in the game in addition to the bragging rights. This will also get you ready for when the level cap rises to 30.

#15 Unlock All of the Classes

You can unlock every class and switch between them whenever you want. We are currently building more, but while you wait...


  • Necromancer - Summon undead minions to fight for you
  • Paladin - Group Heals
  • Berserker - Duel wield!
  • Ninja - Switch jutsu's to switch skills
  • Pirate - First class to use duel pistols... pew pews!
  • Moglomancer - Battle using the power of adorable little Moglins
  • Warrior - Everyone's favorite meat shield
  • Rogue - Probably behind you right now.
  • Mage - One word. FIREBALL!
  • Guardian - Magical Dragon Knight (Reward for supporting the game with Guardian)

More coming soon...

(BONUS) #16 Help Other Players!

Already done all of the above. Then you are the most elite of the elite. So now it is your duty to help out the new players. Share your wisdom, secrets, and guide new friends on


  • Being Awesome
  • Feeling good about yourself


Hope you found this post useful!

Did we miss any rewards or things players should know about? Let us know in the comments or send a tweet to Artix's Twitter with a screenshot and details so he can retweet you. Also, if you have not gotten Dage's Undead Legion 2020 Collection yet, there is still time.

Thanks to GoldRaven for helping with this list. Check out his YouTube channel for some tips on how to do a lot of these.

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