Traders Bend & Greenguard Ravine!

Cysero | Friday, August 24, 2018

TWO NEW (small) AREAS!

The past few weeks have been a real win for us. We have been working hard to restructure the early game, introducing Vane the Voidking, the main villain of the game, and giving new players a completely new, streamlined intro.

This week we wanted to continue that trend adding TWO small areas between Greenguard Forest and Heartwood which will both help teach new players how to get around the game faster.


AQ3D Trader Joe

In Traveler's Bend, Trader Joe is being harassed by the Outcast hand bandits. This small adventure help teach new players about the Travel Crystals around the game, including the BIG one in Battleon.


AQ3D Grizzly Boar

In the Greenguard Ravine, Warlic the Blue Mage is facing down the new Grizzly Boar monster. New players will (kind of) help him out and learn about Travel Forms. There's even a crystal that will temporarily change you into a forest Wolfling!

Both of these areas are situated on the path between Greenguard and Heartwood and won't have much to offer older players of the game since they were made with newer players in mind. But, speaking of Travel Forms...


AQ3D Faster Travel Forms

Gaz has two new Travel Forms in his shop and both of them move a whopping 30% faster than anything else in the game (for now).

The Earth Dragon and Heavy Earth Dragon each have an experimental speed boost, traveling at 160% of normal speed! We will be listening closely to the community response to these two new travel forms and if you like the increased speed then we will bump ALL currently existing travel forms up 30% (Except the bushes).


AQ3D Stretch Goal Reached

If you missed the news earlier this week, the Moglins Kickstarter is still going on with 22 days to go and you guys have already sent it soaring past the $75K mark, unlocking a Green Moglin pet in AQ3D and AQW (to be released as all the other Kickstarter rewards are being delivered) and hitting the halfway point to the $150K Stretch Goal of the MOGLINMANCER CLASS!

AQ3D Lolosia previews

The team has also been hard at work preparing for Talk Like A Pirate Day next month, during which we will release the pirate town of Lolosia, the Pirate Class for all players, the 2018 Talk Like A Pirate Day Collection and the first part of the Lolosia Saga!

And we are also working on a Chat Filter toggle allowing AQ3D's player base to speak more freely!

We have a lot of pans in the fire. Which development has you to most excited?!


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