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Version 1.7.7 aka "Reaper Title Saurus-Rex" just dropped!

Artix Krieger | Monday, March 5, 2018

Patch Code Name: "Reaper Title Saurus-Rex"

The newest game client for AdventureQuest 3D, 1.7.7 just dropped bringing Titles for your character, the Grim Reaper on the death screen, /whisper & /tell fixes, tabs for chat/party and... well, here is the full list:

  • Titles!
    Players may now choose to display a Title below their character's name. 
    • Choose the Title you wish to display by going in to the Settings menu. 
    • Titles can be unlocked in many different ways so keep your eyes peeled!
    • More titles coming!
  • Grim Reaper
    The very spoopy Grim Reaper now makes an appearance in the Revive screen ooOoOoOoo
  • Both /whisper and /tell now work (or /w and /t respectively).
    • You can now also whisper someone by clicking on their portrait frame and choosing the drop down option.
    • Or you can type /w <name> in chat
  • Ignore harder!
    Ignoring someone will now also ignore all invites from them.
  • Items with no crafting time?
    Crafting "Speed Up" option will no longer display on items with no crafting time.
  • Selling Tooltip fix
    Price and Sellback tooltips will now only display on items in your inventory or inside a shop.
  • On click or on hit?
    Resources for abilities are now consumed at the start of the cast instead of on impact.
  • Mouse button fix!? OMG THANK  YOU!
    PC & Mac movement using LMB+RMB (left mouse button & right mouse button at the same time) will no longer be blocked when you move your cursor over a floating name or other UI element.
  • Chat Window now has a separate tab for Party Chat.

Read the full post on the Underworld

Coming next!

  • Dage's Underworld releases on Wednesday!
    • Story map
    • Awesome new Drops
    • Guardian Bonus: Battle the Legion Seeker for
    • Challenge Map
    • 2018 Dage's Underworld Collection
      • Includes Armor Set
      • Weapons
      • 2 Travel Forms
      • Perma rare 1st Legionnaire Badge & Title
    • Parkour challenge area
    • Special Boss Fight
  • Paladin Class on PTR
  • Tabbed sorting for inventory
  • Improved PC/Mac interface
  • Improved Login Flow
  • Improved Tutorial (for new players who do not know how to play yet)
  • Shaman Forest "Tree of Lyfe"


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