Vost the Chronicler

Cysero | Thursday, February 22, 2018

Darkness and Flames!

We've got a couple of things to talk about today. The first is a new NPC that you'll meet in Dage's Underworld release and the second is a contest that HeroMart is running to give some lucky players a FREE print of the new Dragons of Ashfall poster and Obsidian Dragon Blade code! 

The Loremaster

Vost the Chronicler is a member of the Loremaster Order who roam the world, trying to uncover the secrets of its past and keeping records of the present so that future generations might benefit. 

AQ3D Vost

Vost is dedicated to discovering Dage's story even if it takes him to the depths of the underworld to do it. His dedication cannot be questioned but it can only take him so far into the Underworld Gate. He will need a skilled hero to help him reveal the secrets of Dage The Evil's past. 

Dragons of Ashfall Poster

The Dragons of Ashfall Saga Poster is now available for pre-sale in HeroMart.com! 

AQ3D Ashfall Poster

This beautiful work of art was painted by Dage to celebrate the completion of the Dragons Of Ashfall Saga, which introduced the game most intense and engaging questline, memorable characters and new game mechanics for both dungeons and boss fights!  

This evocative poster captures the DragonSlayers in their desperate battle against the dragon army of Talyn and also comes with an in-game weapon, the Obsidian Dragon Blade. 

AQ3D Obsidian Dragon Blade

Ashfall Poster GIVEAWAY! 

Right now you have a chance to win a FREE Dragons of Ashfall poster and a FREE Obsidian Dragon Blade code! 

HeroMart.com is running a giveaway until Tuesday, February 27th when we will select FIVE winners who have followed the directions and entered the contest! 

All you have to do is post a screenshot of your favorite Dragons of Ashfall memory along with the hashtag #AshfallPoster on Twitter, or on the HeroMart.com Facebook Post!

Be sure to like, share, and use the #AshfallPoster tag to enter! 

Good luck, DragonSlayers!


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