Wraithmancer Ranks and Set

Glisel | Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What is a Wraithmancer?

A Wraithmancer enhances their magic by using energy from the spirits of whatever is around them. At the most basic level they can draw energy from spirit beings like wraiths, ghouls, ghosts, etc... but at the height of their power... a Wraithmancer can draw the life force out of living creatures if they so choose. Look for Stabatha Heartless upstairs in the Tower of Necromancy lobby to begin your rank quests.

At level 18 you can begin learning from Stabatha Heartless what it takes to be a Wraithmancer by earning ranksin the Tower of Necromancy. Rank up and build the complete armor set. Stabatha also offers Daily Quests to help you gather additional Wraith's Essence to rank up faster. Complete all of the ranks to unlock the full Wraithmancer set and the title "WraithLord".

Wraithmancer Armor Set

The Wraithmancer's armor set was designed by Darkon, is fully statted, and has a Spirit Conduit that you wear on your back to harness the power of spirits. Full set includes...

  • Wraithmancer Robes (level 25)
  • Wraithmancer Belt (level 20)
  • Wraithmancer Boots (level 20)
  • Wraithmancer Gloves (level 20)
  • Wraithmancer Spirit Conduit (back - level 25)
  • Wraithmancer Helm (level 25)
  • Wraithmancer Shoulders (level 25)
  • Wraithmancer Staff (level 25)

Take a Second Glance

There are rumors of the remains of lost necromancy staffs hidden in the tower. Each staff is famous for the horrific way in which their owner perished. Will you discover the fate of the lost staves of the Tower of Necromancy? Are you brave enough to wield one yourself?


See you in the Tower of Necromancy!


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