The 2023 Mogloween Collection is Here!

Glisel | Thursday, October 19, 2023

Myx It Up!

The brand new Mogloween Collection is now available! Talk to Myx in Battleon to buy the whole collection with the Collector’s Chest (including an exclusive title) or buy only the items you want to mix and match with previous collection items.

The 2023 Mogloween Collection

  • Collector’s Chest and “Ghoulish Delight“ title
  • From The Grave Digger armor set
  • Gravedigger’s Bone Saw (weapon)
  • Pumpkin Hunter armor set
  • Graveyard Crawler (pet)
  • Pumpkin Wraith Travel Form

  • Spirit Harvester (weapon)
  • McPumpkin’s Wrath (weapon)
  • McPumpkin’s Bane (weapon)
  • McPumpkin’s Trusty Dagger (weapon)
  • Batwing Bane Scythe (weapon)
  • Jack-O-Lancer (weapon)
  • Candy Corn Blaster (weapon)
  • Candy Corn Dagger (weapon)
  • Candy Corn Mace (weapon)
  • Candy Corn Spear (weapon)

Dare To Power Up the Doom Weapon?

Where the tournament took place, now stands at its center, the ShadowReaper of Doom. It wants to be fed!

Talk to the ShadowReaper of Doom to begin your Unlucky Doom Essence quests. These quests require you to defeat Gaven Ravenspire in the Crypt Challenge or face off once again with the Doom Guardian to gain Unlucky Doom Essence. Use this essence to feed the darkness and power up your ShadowReaper of Doom.

After upgrading to the Bone ShadowReaper of Doom, you will be able to accept the quest to upgrade it to the level 44 Horrific ShadowReaper of Doom with 940 power! The new Best In Slot weapon! However… this requires a great Sacrifice of Power…

This Special Artifact will cast on you the Special effect DOOOOM! while equipped as your main weapon: Increasing your Attack by 10% but reducing your total HP by -20%.

Sacrificial remorse? Skew may be willing to help you out. But just this once.


But first, see what the Ghost Guardian outside of the crypt has to offer…

Ravenspire Darkness-Touched Weapons

The Ghost Guardian will help you craft the Ravenspire Dark Bow and Ravenspire Dark Sword with ‘Guardian’s Oath Fulfilled’ tokens dropped by the enemies inside of the crypt.

Guardian Serving Doom

In taking this Guardian-only quest from the Ghost Guardian in Ravenspire, you can embrace the darkness and follow the path towards earning the title of “Doom Guardian”.

There’s So Much More To Do!

There are plenty of temporary seasonal and permanent adventures you can do that are perfect for spooky season. Read about the Top Ten Things To Do In October!

Last Chance

Taco Day is gone. Taculous has been vanquished for now and Taco Tito has taken his tacos home to feast on.

  • Nevermore leaves Battleon around November 8th, but you can return to Ravenspire year round.

Thank you and… Next!

We’ve got a special adventure prepared that you don’t want to miss!

Also, you can get a sneak peak at our new inventory sorting improvements on PTR now! If you have not joined our Public Testing Realm servers, click here to find out how.

See you in game and…
Battle On!


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