Our AdventureQuest 3D Super Bowl Commercial

Artix Krieger | Saturday, February 2, 2019

Can You Write a Multi-Million Dollar Commercial?

Oh boy... so if you were in charge of the script for a multi-million dollar commercial, what would you do? Inquiring minds want to know.

The only reason many of us watch the Super Bowl

While your team here is pretty diverse in terms of taste in sports (Some of us do not even know the rules to Football... that is the one with the hockey stick and the hoop, right?) everyone loves Super Bowl Commercials. It is a yearly tradition (and great excuse) to get together and hang out with the looming promise of the newest hilarious, interesting, and weird commercials. In AdventureQuest Worlds we go above and beyond celebrating by launching new items and a moglin punting mini-game during Half-Time if you want out check it out. 

What were your all time favorite commercials.... and why?

Going waaaay back, my 1st place pick were the "Waaaaasup" one. Companies spend some big ol' buck-a-roos on these spots. So I was wondering... what were your favorite super bowl commercials. And why?

Can you write a AdventureQuest 3D Super Bowl Commercial?

I think the best commercials "give us the feels." That is, they connect with us on a deeper emotional level. I do not think we remember a product.... we remember the feeling we get while watching the commercial. In recent years, super weird commercials have become so common (unicorn rainbow poo potty commercials, purple mattresses with Tim & Eric, every skittles ad ever made) that they sort of feel diluted.  Do you remember the last commercial that made you cry? Or made you re-evaluate your entire existence and purpose for being. Or perhaps one that made you pick up your phone and call your parents? So... I have a extreme challenge for you this Super Bowl Sunday. As you watch each commercial, think about how we could do something really different and emotionally charged too. Then, come back here and write a short script for an AdventureQuest 3D commercial that criticals hits with the feels. I will pick 3 winners.


1st place is 5,000 Dragon Crystals and a piece of Golden Direwolf armor that they do not have (even if I have to make a new one)

2nd & 3rd place get 333 DragonCrystals and the Artix Friend Scythe.

Good Luck & Have fun this Superbowl Sunday!

Hope to see you in game here, and also for our half-time event in AdventureQuest Worlds

Promo Image Screenshot by @Leun_Rm


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