There's magic in the air

Artix Krieger | Monday, July 8, 2019

The magical forest of Arcangrove is releasing this Wednesday!

Last week was a chaotic whirlwind of plush moglins, game code, and secret projects here at Artix Entertainment's "Secret Underground Lab." Let's catch up.

First up... the Moglinpocolypse <3

I love it! I love it so much! Players have begun receiving their plush Moglins in the mail and celebrating with Twitter posts. For example, Eonaleth took her Moglins with her to Anime Expo (the big anime convention that took place last weekend). Be sure to use the #Moglins hashtag when posting yours.

If you backed the Moglins project, then your Moglins are on the way. After the 27,000 Moglins showed up at the lab, we did a lot of prep work. Then the team worked all week and through the 4th of July in order to get all of the Moglins shipped (Well, 99%... we have a few tricky orders with bad addresses or missing names that require some extra investigation and love before they can be shipped.) Be sure to read the official Moglin Shipping Update post for more details.

Berserker Class heading to Testing Server

All players are invited to help test the Berserker Class which will be on the PTR testing server by tomorrow. There will also be a special version of this class called Beta Berserker. Surprise! (OK, I may have spilled the beans and talked about this a half dozen times already) It is an exclusive variant of the class that we are giving you for being a part of this phase of AdventureQuest 3D's development. Just like Alpha Pirate, the Beta Berserker class will be rare and exclusive to you when we flip the live switch on Steam.

Virtual Concert

We have been working on a thing. We're under contract not to talk about said thing.... yet. But there are papers with ink on it. If you hold your ear close to your screen, you will hear the faint whisper of "August". You can see all of the things we are working on in the background on the official AdventureQuest 3D Game Plan

AdventureQuest 3D's newest version dun broke... got fixed.. and dun broke 'gain!

Last week's new AdventureQuest 3D game client update brought with it the new quest structure. Then, proceeded to break in horrible and unfathomable ways. We released a hotfix. Then that broke too? I think. Was there two hotfixes? I lost count. But everything is fixed now. One of the spookiest parts of running a "true cross-platform MMORPG" is when an unpredictable part of a release breaks. Updating on Steam and Android can be near-instant. Others... can take a bit longer. Thank you to everyone who reported the issues and helped us fix things so quickly.

The Magical Forest of Arcangrove releases Wednesday!

If you enjoyed last week's unicorn-laced preview... get ready to enter the Tower of Magic. The full saga of Arcangrove is going to be released Wednesday. If you will be streaming this release, aim for after 3pm EST. This release contains some of the more important lore of our world... the topic of Magic, what it is, where it comes from, and why it even exists in our world... is a fascinating one. Excited to see what you think of Korin's latest animated cutscenes.



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