AQ3D's First Bank Pets!

Glisel | Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Hootenheim’s Hirelings

Hedwig Hootenheim, the Battleon branch bank manager, has hired new staff to help at the bank! You can pay for the services of any, or all, of the moglin Bank Helpers or take Hootenheim’s excitable nephew off his hands.

Bank Helpers

Twilly, Twig, and surprisingly Zorbak, have been hired as Bank Helpers at the Battleon Bank. Now you can access the contents of your bank vaults from wherever you are. Each moglin is geared up with a backpack to store… or share?... the contents of your bank vault. Just give them a pat on the head and they’ll give you access.

What about Windsor?

Do an old bank manager a favor and take Windsor off his hands, will you? Hootenheim loves his nephew, but… Windsor is too excited about banking and can be a distraction. Show Hootenheim that you’re a capable adventurer and he’ll gladly hand off Windsor to you as a bank assistant. Though… Hootenheim will want to check in on his nephew from time to time, so Windsor will bring you to Uncle Hootenheim at the bank instead of carrying a backpack with the contents of your bank vault like the moglins do. It’s a win-win!

New Spacesuits for Crafting!

Our Space Madness release was a hit and we loved making the spacesuits, so we added a few more to your Lunar Crafting.
Reminder: all of the crafted sets require the Space Explorer Bodysuit armor piece to complete the set.

  • Doom Explorer item set
  • Destiny Explorer item set
  • Marine Explorer item set
  • Slayer Explorer item set
  • Mecha Explorer item set
  • Pilot Explorer item set

Last Chance

  • DragonCrystal Bonus Sale ends in two weeks! (August 10)
  • Summer Collection leaves September 14th

Thank you and… Next!

As we continue developing the next section of the Nulgath Saga, Part1 will be receiving exciting new additional content. Also, August is in a few short days, so keep an eye out for when the announcement of the new Monthly Promo Items become available.

See you in game...
Battle on!

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