Blue Moglomancer

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Zorbak says, "Meh heh eh....."

Here is a sneak peak of the Blue Moglomancer reward which was was promised to the $99+ tier Moglin Backers.

After some thought, Dage created this armor and and showed it to players on Twitter getting rave responses. This now means there are three versions of Moglomancer armor. The Orange/Red (Twilly) themed one that all players will be able to earn when the Moglomancer is released for all players. Then the green one based off the green Moglin named "Back Kick".  And finally, this one...

Zorbak Approves of Blue Moglomancer Armor

There is still time to back the Moglins and get the in-game rewards

Check out the Moglins at

Mini Live Event tomorrow at 4pm EST!

Also, be sure to tune in for a mini live event at 4pm tomorrow in AdventureQuest 3D! We will meet in town and go to the blue ogre's cave together. If you want to go there early... I think you can just type /join blueogre

Also... this week's release "Class Ranks and Cross Skills" scheduled to come out Thursday!


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