Class Improvements - Want to help test?

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Class Improvements available for testing now on our Public Test Realm (PTR for short)

It's finally here! ...and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. AdventureQuest 3D is going to have a very large number of playable classes that you can obtain and change between at any time (60+). Which is why it is so important that our four base classes (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Guardian) are unique, interesting, and fun. Test out the new classes on our Public Test Realm (STEAM ONLY) and help us make them the best they can be. You will discover combat has become faster, smoother, and the THE NEW ULTIMATES ARE AWESOME!


  • Each class now has an ULTIMATE
  • Classes are more unique from each other
  • Attacks are faster (Classes attack at different speeds)
  • The motion trails of special attacks and their damage #'s are now a different color
  • Death respawn timer is now shorter-- but you do not spawn at full health.
  • You can walk backwards faster
  • Auto attacks can now accumulate points, fire off specials, etc
  • We are still tweaking and improving things-- so please give us lots of feedback!


"Tank and spank!" Specializes in close combat and can gather up enemies with an area of effect attack.

  • Interesting class trait: the Warrior class does not use mana nor any type of resource.
  • Sever - A quick, precise slash.
  • Crushing Blow - A bone-crunchingly powerful swing of your weapon.
  • Whirlwind - Slice at everything around you cutting through enemy Armor
    • Special Effect - Armor Break
  • ULTIMATE! Earthbreaker - A massive attack that shatters rock and foes alike.
  • Passive Ability - Weakness Exposed: Every 5th spell deals increased damage.


"Run and gun!" Specializes in long range combat and can slow and stun opponents.

  • Interesting Class Trait: Regular attack is a long range spell cast
  • Fireball: Kamehameeeeeeeeeeee---FIREY-BOOOOOM! (You get the idea.)
  • Ice Spear: Launch a conjured lance of ice at your foe, dealing Frost damage over time. Effect: Frost Effect: Slow
  • Lightning Strike: Blast your enemy and Stun them briefly. Effect: Stun
  • ULTIMATE! Meteor Volley: Summon devastating meteors to annihilate your target.
  • Passive Ability: Mana Spring: Mana Regeneration increases as Mana approaches 0.


"Slicing and dicing is more fun with posioned blades!"  High speed close quarters combat using poison.

  • Unique class trait: Auto Attacks generate 1 Poison stack.  Poison stacks up to 8. Fast Attacks.
  • Poison Strike: Apply several (4) stacks of Poison at once.
  • Swift Kick: Surprise your foe, briefly Weakening their attacks.Effect: Weaken
  • Scorpion Sting: Converts stacks of Poison into Heavy Poison.Effect: Heavy Poison
  • ULTIMATE! Venom Dance: Rapidly apply full Poison stacks and reset the cooldown on Scorpion Sting.Effect: Poison
  • Passive Ability: Agility: Increased speed of Spells and chance to Dodge.


"Pretty much a Dragon magic powered Jedi" - Protect your fellow players while helping them with area of effect heals

  • Interesting Class Trait: Normal Attacks generate 1 Guardian Mark.  Guardian Marks stack up to 10. 
  • Guardian Strike: A strike from the heavens.  Gain 3 Guardian Marks. Effect: Guardian Mark
  • Dragon's Breath: Channel Dragonfire to incinerate your enemy.  Damage increases with Guardian Marks.
  • Guardian's Hope: Recover your Health, and Health of nearby allies.  Heal increases with Guardian Marks.
  • ULTIMATE: Guardian Summon - Summon the power of the Guardian Dragon to burn your enemies to cinders. Turns the target's attention to you.
  • Passive Ability: Bulwark - Reduce all damage taken by 5%



Test out the class improvements on the Public Test Realm (PTR). Then, comment below and let us know what you think of the new classes improvements. Also report any bugs that you find with the classes (and specially the classes only on this post.) We will be reading the posts, fixing bugs, and doing tweaks as fast as possible with hopes of releasing the new classes to ALL DEVICES as early as next week.

A few notes

  • We have not added SoundFX to the new skills yet
  • The current backwards running animation is intentionally funny (*looks at Korin*)
  • Yes, you are all a little more powerful than you were previously


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