Dage's Underworld is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The UnderWorld Gate!

New Area, Story, Parkour, and Loot
Dage is master of the Undead Legion. You have heard his name. But you have never heard his story... until now.

The UnderWorld Gate

Ready to enter THE UNDERWORLD!?

There is a mysterious stranger named Vost in town whom you should speak with immediately. He claims to have discovered a way to the UnderWorld. Is he just obsessed with learning more about Dage and his Undead Legion-- or is something more going on here?

The armors above are drops (or from crafting)

This new AdventureQuest 3D release has something special for everyone. The armors and weapons in the screenshot above are some of the drops and craftable items that you can earn.

Under Guardian

Under Guardian Armor

"Even the Underworld has Guardians"
The eternal enemy of the Guardians are the Seekers.... and one is in the Underworld! Guardians should be on the lookout for this being and battle him to obtain the Underworld version of their Guardian armor.

Dage Collection 2018

2018 Dage Collection

This collection of items is freaking amazing as you can see in the screenshot above. It includes the Legion Winged Skull & Jumping Legion Skull travel forms. It also comes with a perma-rare badge and title. (If you do not see the new title immediately, go to the title screen, click options and "clear cache")

  • Legion Winged Skull (Travel Form)
  • Jumping Legion Skull (Travel Form)
  • Legion Horns
  • Legion SplitBlade
  • Legion Bone Hammer
  • Legion Zealot Horned Hood
  • Legion Cloak of Darkness
  • Legion Zealot Armor
  • Legion Zealot Cloak
  • Legion Zealot Bookbelt
  • Legion Zealot Boots
  • Legion Zealot Gloves
  • Legion Zealot Shoulders
  • Legion Zealot Scythe
  • Legion Zealot Spellfocus
  • Vost's Tome

You can buy the items individually, or permanently unlock the ENTIRE COLLECTION (worth over 10,000 DragonCrystals) for 4,900 DragonCrystals. As seen in the video below, once a collection is unlocked you can get permanent access to a shop where you can get the items at any time for 0 gold-- which frees up your inventory and bank space. All of your permanently unlocked collections are available on Melodia in the Inn.

How to Unlock the 2018 Dage Collection

Video! Vesper Shows you how to unlock the 2018 Dage Collection

Watch Vesper's YouTube video on how to get the full Dage Collection.


Undead Dragon

Undead Dragon -- want to name him?

In Vesper's video, she instinctively called the new undead dragon "Fluffy". (This may be the exact moment we realized what a perfect fit she is for our team. You know that they say, "Great minds...") AdventureQuest 3D was the first game of ours she has played, so we were pretty quick to point out that we already have a Fluffy-- maybe you can help here? Can you help us think of a new name for this undead legion dragon? Put your undead dragon name suggestion in the comments area below!

UnderWorld Parkour

Parkour... with SKULL LAZORS!

There is one place in the Underworld that will put your jumping skills to the test. Reach the top and claim a new title. But to do so... you will have to overcome vanishing ledges and LAZOR shooting skulls.

Thank you & Happy Birthday to the Undead Legion's Master

We really hope you enjoy this new AdventureQuest 3D release-- it has something awesome for everyone. As you may already know, this release (along with the releases also happening in our 2D game, AdventureQuest Worlds) are part of celebrating Dage-the-real-life-artist's birthday. While many people take their birthdays off-- he has spent the past few weeks staying up till the wee hours of the night creating these beautifully wicked items for both games.  He was not alone, the entire team jumped in with him. This release features the art and work of the entire team, including some of the Thyton's best art yet. I am really proud of how everyone came together. We also very excited to see your response to how we told the story in this release. 

The Undertongue Font

The creatures of the Underworld speak a language known as Undertongue. Perhaps you were one of the people decoding the secret messages that randomly appeared in this video? We created a true type font for it! Sorta crazy-- this is the first font we have ever created at Artix Entertainment. Want it? Good. We are going to send it to you in an upcoming email newsletter. Be sure your email address is up to date and confirmed. You can do this by clicking the ACCOUNT button above (or on the main menu of this website).


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