You got a Treasure Chest! What's inside?

Artix Krieger | Friday, November 30, 2018

Login to AdventureQuest 3D and open your treasure chest.

What's in there? Is it Dragon Crystals? Yes! What about pets, potions, armors, wicked looking weapons? Yes! There's over 130 new items. You can get them all for just logging in.... because we are giving you a new treasure chest to open every single day.

130 new items added in this Adventurequest 3D release

130+ new items added in this new release

So, those chests contain pets, a towel, weird potions that can transform you into things, awesome new armor sets and more.

Adventurequest 3D Daily Login Rewards

Get a Treasure Chest every day when you login

At last! If you are a long time player, then you know this release is actually the "daily login reward" stretch goal that was unlocked by the Kickstarter backers. This reward... is for all players. Login every day to get a free chest containing some free DragonCrystals, potions, surprise items, and more. Every chest has a chance to drop a Legendary quality item.

Also, every 7 days you will get a special chest with even better rewards! Don't worry if you miss a day. We don't reset your progress. It will just continue from where you left off, moving you towards that glorious ultimate reward on day #28, the epic-item-filled Emperor's Chest!

LAst chance to get 50% more dragon crystals

Last chance! Get 50% More Dragon Crystals

Get 50% EXTRA Dragon Crystals on any Dragon Crystal purchase from now until January 2nd! With a Frostval Collection coming up, it's the perfect time to make sure you're ready for the holidays.

Frostlorn Raid coming!
Raid on Frostlorn Ice Castle (Coming soon!)

Last year, under the cover of a magical snow storm, the Frostlorn Raiders attacked our town. This year we will be taking the fight to them! Soon we shall journey to the Frozen Northlands where the Frostlorn Ice Castle stands like an icy blade erupting from the snow drifts that cover the land. The image above is Dage's concept art for boss monster.

Vesper's weekly Artix Games update video

Watch Vesper's Weekly Artix Games Update video on YouTube

Thank you!

When I logged into the game today, I was blown away by the sheer variety of armors, pets, and creative looking characters. Felt good. Felt like the game suddenly came alive. Combine this with amazing releases like the huge Vampire Castle, the Pirate town of Lolosia.... Well, it feels great being a part of this as the game grows and hits its stride. In the background we are hard at work on new (and many existing) areas, adventures, and improvements to nearly every area of the game. I am grateful to you and everyone supporting AdventureQuest 3D's ongoing development. The upgrades or purchases you made this holiday season are making it possible for us to continue making the game better each week.

Login and get your daily AdventureQuest 3D treasure chest. See you in game.

Battle on!
Artix & The AdventureQuest 3D Team

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