Darkon's Birthday Shop

Cysero | Friday, January 4, 2019


Introducing Darkon-- former hero turned artifact collector. It has become a yearly tradition to sell off the dregs of his immense collection to make room for more valuable pieces. Good news for you... until you look at the price tag, at least. What the heck is Darkon thinking? ...and something feels "unusual" about these items he is peddling.

Darkon has been helping us with art on a part-time basis for a little while now and, under the watchful eyes of Dage and Thyton, he's proven that he's someone that we can rely on to make eye-popping, high quality art for AQ3D that fits the games style and he can do it at the insane pace that we move . He's positive, he takes direction well, he's always willing to make changes, he doesn't let his ego get in the way and he's risen to every challenge that we've set for him, including doing the textures for his own NPC's entire set in less than a day. We love his work and clearly you do to.

We missed his birthday by a few weeks (Frostval is always an insane time for the content team) but we're happy to say that we did get the chance to introduce his character and allow him to open his own birthday shop with items that he's made. There are only two items right now but you can expect to see more added next week.

Happy Birthday, dude! Thanks for being part of the team.

AQ3D Trainer Items


Do you wish you could look more warrior-y, or mage-y, or rogue-y? Well now you can! Visit the class trainer shop and take on some quests to earn new class specific armor. Disclaimer: Side effects may include: big mage hat, masked rogue hood, winged warrior helm, and a rash in the armpits and unspeakable places. Check with your local healing moglin to see if trainer class quests are right for you.

AQ3D Dage Pretty Weapons


Dage is famous for his dark and evil items... but it turns out he's not too shabby at making elegant and deadly things too. You will be able to craft these beauties in next week's expansion of the Travel Crystal Random Adventures (and item rewards) which, let's face it, is a filler week while we do our week-long AE game jam. #transparency

AQ3D I don't know wtf this image is


We hope your year is off to an amazing start. Artix posted a YouTube video of the fireworks thingy we did on New Year's eve. If you missed it, or liked it, then good news-- Artix wants to do a lot more events like this. On this topic, if you are doing the New Year's resolution, be sure to check out the lengthy "ghoul setting" guide that he posted for you. It's the undead slaying Paladin themed video game motivational success planning post you never knew you needed.

See you in game!



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