Monster Preview: Dollageddon

Artix Krieger | Thursday, August 15, 2019

Next Gen Creepy Dolls

Only 4 days left until we will be in the mosh pit together next Tuesday! You will face new monsters inspired by our special guest's music. Let's take a look at the Dollageddon!

Dollageddon in the pit!

Next Gen Creepy Dolls

This monster was inspired by one of our special guest's album covers. Do you know which album?

The first step, was creating concept art... Dage painted this and then we sent it to the band.

Dollageddon concept art

"Don't worry, it'll be even creepier when you see it move in 3D!" -Artix

The next step was for Xero to model it in 3D and texture it.


Korin (our animator that wears a paper bag on his head, not to be mis-read as the band) animated the Dollageddon. Then we hurled it into the arena's mosh pit to see what would happen.

Dollageddon released into the pit

This Boss monster is unique and rare to this special event. So during this special event is the only time you will be able to fight it.

Dollageddon fighting in the Korn Battle Concert

The Dollageddon appears during the 3rd song.

Dollageddon monster inspired by Korn's Album Cover

Need a hug?


Korn video game battle concert in AdventureQuest 3D

Event begins next Tuesday

See you in the Battleon Arena's pit...

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