Duels are coming...

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 14, 2019

1vs 1 duels are coming... how to win them!

Everything you need to know to not get pwnd in 60 seconds or your gold back. Cost: 0 Gold.

Coming in next week's release

Next week, you will be able to duel other players in 1 vs 1 pvp. You can challenge there any where, any place, any time.... (unless they turned off duels in the options menu.)

How to 1 vs 1 in AdventureQuest 3D

How to pick a fight 101

To challenge someone to a duel in AdventureQuest 3D, simply click on them.... then tap or right click their nameplate for special options. The new "Request Duel" feature will be added next week. This means you can fight in town, in Yulgar's Inn, on top of the Skull in DoomWood, or in the hardest to reach heights of a parkour map.

How to WIN

"Kill them till their dead!" - Dage.

Your stats matter. Unlike the group PvP (which you can test now if you are a Guardian) one on one duels are NOT scaled. So gear your character to the max. Your cross-skills can make or break a duel. Choose wisely. Also, do not forget to buff up. You can, of course, use potions too. Most importantly, play your class smart. Dage has seen some of our top ranged classes whooped by a melee class... who really knew how use their class.

Fight with Honor

Always show courtesy and respect at the beginning and end of the duel. It is a sign of a great duelist to say gg, good fight, well fought, or whatever your personal post-pvp closing is regardless of winning or losing a duel. Never take a loss personally. And if you are on a winning spree, act with respect to your opponent (who is likely facing the frustration-- we have all been there.) I was surprised to see that Dage waves out of respect before the start of his matches.... we need to get the salute emote in game ASAP for you.

Not all classes are equal, choose wisely

You can change your class before combat, but not when you are in combat. So choose carefully. Currently, every class has a counter... which means your class selection is sort of like playing paper, rock scissors. It should also be understood that different classes are better at different situations. Classes designed with skills to battle many enemies at once, or designed to support parties in raids, will likely not be as good in one on one duels. It would be a folly goal to try to make every class in AdventureQuest 3D equal... instead, think of each class in terms of what advantages they will give you over your current battle.

Dueling is coming next week

1 vs 1 duels will be released next week in AdventureQuest 3D. Hope you have a blast!

(Unless you are a co-op centered player like myself, in which case you can simply turn off duel requests in the options to not be bothered and read up on the Arcangrove forest and accompanying wizard tower which is quickly approaching.)


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