Dungeons for 1 to 5 Heroes!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, May 28, 2020

Playing with friends or solo is getting a whole lot better!

Our dungeons now have the ability to auto-adjust difficulty depending on the number of players.

Whether you like to play alone, with one friend, or with an entire party of friends-- this change is for you. Dungeon monsters in certain dungeons will now auto adjust their difficulty depending on how many heroes are in your party. As more players join, the monsters get tougher. If players leave, the monsters will slightly nerf themselves. Our goal is to allow normal dungeons to be fun with the correct amount of challenge no matter how many people you are playing with.

Try it out! We started with a bunch of the dungeons between Greenguard to DoomWood.

The following Dungeons are now auto-adjusting...

  • Umbral Caves (Level 12)
  • Screaming Woods (Level 12)
  • Caves of Unrest (Level 10)
  • Snevlyn Woods (Level 4)
  • Barrow Pass (Level 3)
  • There are a few more too!

Q & A

Why are only the lower level dungeons auto-adjusting?

We chose a small number of low level dungeons to release first to the live servers. We need your help trying it out, testing, and leaving feedback so we can keep making improvements.

Is every dungeon going to be like this?

Nope. But common dungeons which are required as part of the main storyline will be. Which makes a lot of sense.

Does this mean I can go on a date in these dungeons?

>_> Uh.... sure. One of my favorite things was to play with my girlfriend and run dungeons just the two of us. But most games required that we had a full party. Always wondered why games did not allow just two people to play together. This solves that. But, be aware, if you are dating more than 4 people you will hit the party limit of 5 players.

What is the difference between auto-adjusting and scaling?

Hey! Great question. They are two completely separate features... that could work amazingly together. A scaling dungeon changes to match your level. It allows you (a max level player) to bring a long a new friend (super low level player) and play together. This is completely different from an auto-adjusting dungeon-- which balances your dungeon in real time depending on how many players are in the dungeon. What happens when you check both the scaling and auto-balancing check boxes on a dungeon? We will find out in a future test!

Game Design Philosophy

Over the past few weeks we have been rolling out some important core new features that solves the question "How do we make it easier to play together as we continually grow and expand AdventureQuest 3D?" Internally, the team has been unified in the belief that main storyline content should be extremely accessible for all players. Meanwhile, we NEED to have a diverse set of challenges for higher level players to prove themselves on. This is why some areas, dungeons, challenges, and events will not scale nor auto-adjust. Hope you agree.

Please try out the new auto adjusting dungeons and let us know what you think!


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