Get the Hottest Set This Summer: Incendiary Flame Mage

Glisel | Thursday, May 25, 2023

Get Your Hands on These Hot Summer Items!

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve added a full armor set into the Daily Chests, so if you haven’t been collecting your free daily loot, this should re-ignite your enthusiasm. Available only for the Summer, the Incendiary Flame Mage set comes with a full set of armor and 3 flaming weapons.


The Incendiary Flame Mage conjures flames to spark their magic. Embers fan into flame on their weapons and prepare to engulf enemies in flames.

Open your Daily Chests to see if one of the pieces of the Incendiary Flame Mage set or one of the weapons drops! If you just can’t wait to get your hands on these burning hot pieces, then head to the Chest Shop and spend your Treasure Shards on the ones you want most! These items are for the Summer season only, so check your Daily Chests… daily!

What's in the Set

  • Incendiary Flame Mage Armor
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Belt
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Boots
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Gloves
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Shoulder
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Circlet (alt helm)
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Hood
  • Incendiary Flame Mage Cape
  • Incendiary Flame Pike (weapon)
  • Incendiary Flame Daggers (weapon)
  • Incendiary Flame Sword (weapon)

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The AQ3D team has been hard at work creating features and content that will surely take your gaming experience to new heights. Beleen recently posted an update filling you in on all of the exciting new features and projects that the AQ3D is working on.

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Last Chance

Earth Day Items shop has left the game, but the Trove and Quests remain in Heartwood year-round.

Last Chance to get the May promo item: May Shower Cloud Helm before it is replaced with the June promo item.

  • May Promo Item leaves June 1st, 2023
  • May the 4th event content leaves June 7th, 2023
  • Daily Chest Summer seasonal items leaves around Aug 30th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

Next week begins the month of June! Look forward to a brand new item that comes free with your purchase from the Upgrade Shop!

See you in game and…
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