Happy New Years! 2019

Artix Krieger | Monday, December 31, 2018

Bring in 2019 with explody fireworks mayhem in AdventureQuest 3D!

Firework monsters are in town for a limit time which drop... fireworks!

Fireworks Chaos!

Battle Fireworks and get... Fireworks!

There are barrels of fireworks walking around town... actually, they are Party Sneevils. Wack the barrel to unleash the chaos! They drop fireworks and defenders medals.

Party Sneevil firework

Randomness on Artix's Birthday

It is also Artix's birthday... so you know what he will be doing on his special day off. Logging into AdventureQuest 3D every few hours to do spontaneous live events to bring in the New Year of course!

Be sure to grab your daily Treasure Chest reward when you log in. You might get one of the new items we added including Thor's hammer, the Holly Knight set, and more.

Battle on into 2019!

Thank you and Battle On ...into 2019!

Come join us in game as we celebrate, kapow-splody stuffs, and bring in the New Year. Comment below with your favorite memories, AdventureQuest 3D releases, items, parkour maps, live streams (Korin?), weirder design notes, live events... or whatever moments you can think of that gave you a little smile in 2018. Be sure to check the design notes on www.AQ3D.com tomorrow for the VERY first post of 2019!

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