Heroes Heart Day 2022 Collection

Rellik | Wednesday, February 16, 2022

'Tis the week to celebrate your love... of adventure! It's Heroes Heart Day and for this Valentines-themed release we are celebrating with new pets, travel forms, armor sets, weapons, & auras which are in-game now. Go to town and talk to the snazzy looking fellow with the lute on the bridge named Maurice.

Dark Heart Armor Set

Sometimes, love can hurt! Show off your Dark Heart, powered by the spirits of all the broken hearts you’ve left in your wake.

  • Dark Heart Armor
  • Dark Heart Belt
  • Dark Heart Boot
  • Dark Heart Glove
  • Dark Heart Wings
  • Dark Heart Helm
  • Dark Heart Shoulder
  • Dark Heart Sword

Valentine Lolita Armor Set

Lolita fashion is a subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian clothing and styles. A very distinctive property of Lolita fashion is the aesthetic of cuteness. The extra sweet Valentine Lolita Armor Set is chock-full of candies and chocolates.

  • Valentine Lolita Armor
  • Valentine Lolita Shoes
  • Valentine Lolita Gloves
  • Valentine Lolita Hat
  • Valentine Lolita Skirt

Valentine Ouji Armor Set

Ouji, a term which means "Prince", is a subset of Lolita fashion which is often seen as a more masculine alternative to usual Lolita dress. Our princely Valentine Ouji Armor Set is packed with sweetness!

  • Valentine Ouji Armor
  • Valentine Ouji Shoes
  • Valentine Ouji Gloves
  • Valentine Ouji Hat
  • Valentine Ouji Belt


There’s still so much more waiting for you in the Heroes Heart Day Collection! See what piques your curiosity below, then log in and check it out in game!

  • Love at First Scythe
  • Spirit of Flirting Pet
  • Cuddly Dragon Travel Form
  • Cuddly Dragon Pet
  • Heart Bow Wand
  • Heart Crystal Sword
  • Heart Crystal Dagger
  • Dizzying Love Aura
  • Blush Aura
  • Collector's Chest Badge and "Dark Heart" Title

Steam Deck news

Plan on getting a fancy new Steam Deck later this month? Well we have news for you! AdventureQuest3D is officially playable on Steam Deck. That means you can get your AdventureQuest-ing on in yet another way!

The Game Plan cleanup and update

You may have noticed some changes to the AdventureQuest3D Game Plan yesterday! We’re currently cleaning it up to make it a whole lot easier to read! The goal for this is to be as transparent as possible (without spoiling too much), including our most current plans for improvements, new questlines, and more. This process may take a short while as there is a lot to sift through, so please be patient!

Coming soon to AQ3D

Westmere: Mission Two!

We will be releasing the next part of the Westmere saga very soon! Join Thyton (the shadow specialist) and his elite team for a covert mission to save the town (or the world?) from strange new invaders. In this new installment, you will be hunting an evil Battlemage from another dimension. Get ready for Mission Two!
Note: If you haven’t played part 1 of the Westmere story yet, head to Westmere from the Adventure Menu’s “Side Stories” section or the Travel Portal under Greenguard.

March is fast approaching, which means Dage’s Birthday is almost here! Be prepared for an all new dark and deadly Dage Collection… Keep an eye on Dage’s twitter for sneak peaks of his work on the collections for AQ3D and AQW.

Happy Heroes Heart Day!

See you in-game.

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, Rellik, and the AQ3D Team

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