Isle of the Dead

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 22, 2019

The Isle of Dead.... unlock the Tower of Necromancy.

The ferryman of DoomWood will now take you to... the Isle of the Dead. A place brimming with sinister secrets that only you can uncover. Should you brave the undead there, and be judged worthy, perhaps you will gain entrance to the Tower of Necromancy.

Viscerra Vex - Master of the Spirit Crystals

A new cast of strange characters awaits you on the Isle of the Dead. Viscerra Vex is every Paladin's nightmare. Her gift is bottling the spirit energy of the fallen into batteries... an elegant craft of evil.

Mazrak the Mad - Yup, he's crazy. Or... is he?

Not everyone on this island has secrets to share, however. In fact, some of them are just flat-out crazy, like Mazrak the Mad. Or... is he? I dunno, hanging out on a nearly-deserted island of the undead can do that to you. 

Lady of the Crimson Lake

Once upon a time, a hero sat by by the scarlet waters of the Crimson Lake. Gazing into the distance, there was a skeletal hand... reaching out as if waiting to be handed something.  Something you only thought could happen to Kings in legends.

The Undead Legion awaits...

In other un-deadly news, there is still time to get this year's  Dage Collection 2019 . This sinister set includes owerful weapons of chaos and destruction... should you choose to wield them.

Become a Necromancer

If creating a powerful force of undead minions sounds exciting to you, talk to Stygis in DoomWood. Begin the journey to becoming a Necromancer.

"Mutatium could lead to a potential scientific discovery," says mad weaponsmith Cysero.

Cysero bought a mysterious material from the shady black market sales-sneevil, Gaz. Cysero is has been experimenting on how to forge it into something useful. But it keeps changing shape! (We're not actually sure where this is going... but you might want to keep up to date with Cysero's news posts.)

Thank you & see you in the Isle of the Dead

We hope you enjoy this new AdventureQuest 3D story release. While I promise you there will certainly be brighter releases in the future... this one begins a dark journey which will take you into realms never meant for the good, nor living.

Battle on!
Artix & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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