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Cysero | Monday, August 15, 2016

AQ3D Mobile Is COming


We're almost there! We are very close to the opening the Mobile Closed Beta to our Android users. This version will be playable on Android smartphones and tablets and it will connect seamlessly to the Steam version so you can play on your phone and your friend can play on his/her PC and you will both be able to run a dungeon together, side by side. 

This is what we mean when we call AQ3D a "TRUE Cross-Platform" game. A lot of games out there call themselves cross platform but they basically mean that they are making for different formats but they are stuck only playing with people using their same device type (Android users can only play with other android players, iOS users can only play with other iOS players, PC users can only play with other PC players, etc).

AQ3D is different. As a TRUE cross-platform game, you will be able to play the same game, the same character, with the same inventory no matter what compatible device you are using. You can even start a quest chain on your PC, leave halfway through and pick up the same quest chain right where you left off on your phone or tablet. This is a big deal and we think it is what will give AQ3D the edge over other mobile MMOs, RPGs and other games. 

AQ3D TRUE cross platform


Wednesday, August 24th, if all goes well*. This Wednesday, we will begin internal testing. This means that once we get the latest build published out for mobile, our in-house AE staff and testers will all begin focusing on Android testing. If all goes well, we SHOULD be able to release it to you guys ONE WEEK LATER on Wednesday, August 24th. 

*NOTE: I said "if all goes well" more than once. It may not go well. This is all very fluid and could change at the drop of a hat but we're pretty hopeful. We have been building the mobile versions side-by-side with the PC build and they appear to be running great but we still need to shift in-house testing from PC to mobile before we open the doors to you lot. 

I won't be able to use this image I made for much longer! At least, for this question. 


We will begin a Google Community for AQ3D Android Testers. If you have an Android device, you will be able to join this community and get the APK as well as installation instruction for those who don't know the know (this is not a typo, it's a thing I say). This community will also be where you will post bugs and discus other aspects of the mobile test version for Android. 

Once we are ready to open the doors, we will post another Design Notes with the link to the AQ3D Testing Google Community. 

AQ3D Android


The minimum operating system that can run AQ3D is Jellybean. If you are running anything older than Jellybean, then you will NOT be able to run the game. 

A lot of people have questions about their specific devices, but we will need your help to answer that. There are TONS of Android devices and every one has different hardware inside them. Some of the newer, cheaper smartphones are only so cheap because the manufacturers are using graphics chips from 2006 or older so, even though the device is new, it won't be able to run a lot of modern mobile games. We will be collecting device data as you play so you will be helping us know which devices can run AQ3D and which ones have issues. There will probably also be a device discussion board on the AQ3D Testing Google Community. 

However, we have been working hard to try and make sure AQ3D can be run on as many devices as possible. We have been very reserved with our model geometry, particle effects and draw call count specifically for this reason. 

AQ3D Devices
An oldie, but a goodie.


Google and Apple have very different methods of testing their mobile apps. Google can essentially allow an unlimited number of people to test an app. All you need to do is join the community and install the APK. Apple has a very strict testing environment. Each app can only have 2000 testers (recently raised from 100 but still far too few seats for AQ3D testers) and instead of simply joining the community, we would need to add each tester manually which makes it all but impossible to have a large closed testing group. 

I'm afraid that you, my fellow iOS users, will need to wait until Open Beta to download AQ3D onto your iPhones and iPads directly from the Apple App Store. 



Not a lot, honestly. The UI for the mobile version will be mostly the same one that you're already used to from Steam. It will just take up more of the screen (so you can hit the skill buttons). There are some obvious differences, though. Mobile movement will be done through a virtual game pad instead of mouse and keyboard. Chatting will be different, but it might be better. Typing is a lot more slow on mobile (at least for me) BUT you can use the built in voice recognition to just speak what you want to say and hit send which speeds things up. 


While this is happening, we are also working on game balance, tightening up the new player experience, polishing up Battleon so the flow of the game leads you seamlessly from the intro, through Battleon into Greenguard. We're still working on Guardian Tower and  the rest of the Kickstarter Backer rewards and we're even cooking up a little Mogloween treat for you.

What are YOU most excited about playing in the mobile version of AQ3D? 

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