Moglin Pets coming!

Artix Krieger | Monday, October 8, 2018

Brace yourself... the Moglins are coming!

We are getting to launch our 1st ever pets in AdventureQuest 3D this week... a few months ahead of schedule :D

Not long ago, our Moglin Kickstarter was successfully funded. The plush Moglins include a code that will unlock in-game versions of themselves in multiple games including here in AdventureQuest 3D! These 12 Moglins will be our first pets.

Late Backer

If you missed the Moglin Kickstarter, then good news... we are opening Moglins on BackerKit later this week! It sorta extends the Kickstarter allowing us to continue going and reach those final two stretch goals (including Moglomancer Class). So if you were waiting for the paypal option, missed out, or had a problem with your pledge this "Late Backer" chance will let you still get in on the rewards.

Piggy Egg to Hatch a week after!

In the 2018 Talk Like a Pirate Day collection there is an egg... that will hatch into a very special bacon scented pet about a week after the Moglins arrive :D You very likely already know what it is.

The Future of Pets

*Looks into crystal ball*
We have some great features coming out soon including Class Ranks, PvP, Treasure Chests, Daily Login Rewards, and of course... Pets. In phase 1 of Pets they are cosmetic and adorably follow you around. You gave us lots of ideas in our last post about what to do with Pets in phase 2 including combat, feeding them, combat, more combat... you REALLY want your pets to fight. Also, to do passive things like give buffs or pick up your loot for you. We will be talking about that more in future posts.

Aria's Pet Shop

That girl's been off playing Pokemon for a looooong time!
We have one more major restructuring of town coming your way... and then it is off to opening the petshop, museum, and other locked locations. Like the Barbershop, we want the Petshop to be a fun and adventure-filled place-- primarily focused on rescuing stray animals. I really loved the adventures Cysero and I made back for the petshop in DragonFable and want to do something similar here. (But without that pesky stat roller.) Agree?





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