Celebrate Mogloween in AQ3D… And so much more!

Glisel | Thursday, October 6, 2022

It’s October! Grab your pumpkin spice latte and let the fun begin!

Celebrate the Return of Mogloween

This week, AdventureQuest 3D's haunted October festivities officially begin. Cross into the world of spirits and ghouls with the return of Mogloween. Battleon town is decorated with jack-o-lanterns and spirits roam freely. Myx the Magic Cauldron and Mayor McPumpkins are in town waiting to welcome you to the ghostly town of Mystcroft… and all of the haunted house dungeons and horrors within!

Visit the Horrifying Fun of Mystcroft

Talk to Mayor McPumpkins in Battleon for direct access to all of these spooky Mogloween events.

  • Trick or Treating: In the town of Mystcroft, “Trick or Treat” is not just a fun greeting. You may get tricked, but you’ll always get a treat. Just ask Andy Corn, the ghostly neighbor.
  • Mystcroft Haunted Manor: Too old to Trick-or-Treat? Test your fright in this Haunted Manor full of dangerous dungeons and earn spooky prizes.
  • Dr Trollenstein's Lab: Doctor Trollenstein & his creation are back! Head to the mad science lab and take on the buzz saw and laser filled challenge. The door is near the fountain in the middle of the haunted town.
  • Zorbak’s G-Rave Yard: It's not entirely clear if Zorbak was trying to resurrect the skeletons to make an undead army and accidentally made them into a dance party or if the dancing has some ebil intent, but either way... the result is a bone-rattling dance party!
  • Mogloween Trove: Collect drops and crafts from your Mogloween adventures and
    turn them in with Mayor McPumpkins to access them in a Trove year-round.
    ["2020" was dropped from name as this quest is now available every year.]
  • Fishing in the Slime Fountain: Gather ‘round the fountain for the age old seasonal sport of "bobbing for candyfish"! Turn in the Candyfish and Pumpkin Puffers you catch to Andy Corn to earn colorful skelesuits.
  • Previous Mogloween collections: Mayor McPumpkins is happy to share with you the Mogloween collection items from previous years in his shop, and will soon carry this year’s new Mogloween collection.

Extra Spooky Fun:

Dress sharp, bring your friends, and ready your armaments for an unforgettable night in an abandoned vampire castle. The Phantasm of the Organ is playing, and you never know who you will encounter on the dance floor next. The Archiducissa Weaver welcomes anyone to join the Masquerade Ball at the Battleon Cemetery all year long.

Mogloween-inspired PvP rewards are available year round in the Special PvP Rewards shop.

Celebrate Taco Day

It’s Taco Tuesday everyday when Taco Tito comes to AQ3D! Defeat the giant taco monster, Taculous, in the Social District and turn in your Tacos for fan-taco-stic rewards!

  • Taco Day Shop - Tito
  • Taco-Twos Day daily quest - Tito
  • Battleon Social Events daily quest - Rose
  • Social Event Prizes shop - Rose

Foxxy Roxxy

Foxxy Roxxy is very good at hiding. But are you good at seeking? If you can out-fix this Hide Club champion, the Fox Tail item will be yours! Get your Hide Club Card and begin the hunt for Foxxy Roxxy in Arcangrove!

... Maybe don’t tell her we told you where to find her.

What a Treat! Samurai Class is Live!

A newcomer named Hensou has arrived in Battleon. He is willing to teach you the ways of the Samurai. To truly master the class, you must earn the favor of Ryukami, the dragon spirit of wind who once gave a piece of himself to empower these warriors of Yokai. Seek the guidance of Hensou and become… a Samurai.

Talk to Hensou to begin your Samurai training and earn pieces of the Legendary Samurai armor set by ranking up the class to 100.

Read the full details in our Samurai Class post.

Last Chance

The 50% DragonCrystal Bonus has ended, but keep your eye on our News and social media for its return.

  • Talk Like a Pirate Day 2022 Collection is available until October 19th.
  • Taculous in Social District leaves... TBD

Thank you and… Next!

The Artix Entertainment 20th Anniversary is this month! AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds are working on similar releases to celebrate this milestone and bringing in some special guests to help. The rest of the AE games will also have releases related to the 20th Anniversary, so keep an eye on Artix.com for when and where to celebrate in all of our games.

See you in game...
Battle on!

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