More Signs!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Even more sign concept art!

"Signs here! Get yer signs here! We gots big signs, little signs, magic signs, and creepy signs with eyeballs that do the look'n at you...", says Woodsworth Workwood, custom sign smith, "I make every sign (out of) myself!" He's half human, hald tree after all.

new battleon musuem sign

Thyton has gotten himself into this sign-craft spree for the new Kingdom of Battleon as well. Here we have a concept for the museum where you will bring artifacts that you find out in the world.

The house of oddities is located in the "social quarter". Within you will find... uh... you probably don't want to go in there to be honest. (But we know you will.  We know you. We know you.)

Battleon Realestate

I respect the effort here... but, we are going to go with Centaur 21 again. I mean, that was probably my best real estate pun in all of AQworlds.

I am not sure the bank needs a sign-- but if it does, this is the one. Not sure anything says "bank" like a sign with a picture of the outside of itself.

Warlic's magic shop does not so much have a sign.. but an illusion spell which makes you think you see a sign.

The Battleon Guild hall is also in the social district. Once our guilds feature is built, this is where you will go to register your guild and manage it. There will also be a private meeting room in there for you to hold meetings if you do not own a house or castle.

The Kingdom of Battleon does not have a King (or Queen)... but there will be a town hall to take care of the town's administrative needs. I mean, someone needs to mow that grass O_O. In a later post I would like to talk about the possibility of having regularly elected positions like Mayor, etc.

The training hall will be your one-shop stop for all things class related. Learn and master all of the classes... or at least be pointed to the right place to do so. We are going to put a practice dummy or two in there too. This building will be in the questing quarter along with the Museum, Magic Shop, and Bookstore.

That's a lotta signs!

I have been home with pink eye all week. Alina says I am not allowed to go into the lab, less I spread my "evil zombie pink curse" to the rest of the team. So I have been working on the Isle of the Dead from here while Thyton and Dage spam me with sign concept art. I have not talked to Llusion about the technical feasibility of these signs... so I am literally just assuming they will actually work with the new town. We are about two weeks away from having the exterior of the town ready. Then we need to start stitching the main plot through it. I would like to go back to our originally scheduled plan of releasing the town, then rapidly creating and opening up the shops and areas. Bev's barbershop is my favorite shop/story/interior from our existing town. It has a lot of personality, the characters are fun and quirky, the magazines added a lot, and there was a surprising amount of things going on in such a small place. I think that is the right model for how areas like the musem, bookshop, oddity shop, etc should be. Would you agree? Also, are you digging the massive size of our new home?


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