Nulgath Saga Part II

Glisel | Thursday, September 15, 2022

Level cap raised to 38 along with new story and 100+ quests

Hop in AdventureQuest 3D and join in our darkest new adventure. Victor Lionfang and his Paladins are ready to raid the Red Monastery. Will you the retrieve the pieces and pieces and assemble the Legendary Shattered Sword?

Forge the Shattered Sword

... and is it true that this legendary sword is powerful enough to slay Dage and his Undead Legion!? Only one way to find out.

The Catacombs

Raid the Catacombs

The pieces of the Shattered Sword are hidden somewhere in the catacombs. It’s best to split up! (...right?)

Join each Paladin of the Golden Onslaught through one of the catacombs to find the pieces and bring them back to Victor Lionfang. While Paladins aren’t afraid of the undead, with names like the Catacombs of Suffering and Path of Anguish, the catacombs will make them face the one thing they cannot escape... their own deepest fears.

The Wastelands

Beware the Wasteland

Once all the pieces of the Shattered Sword are collected, they are still just pieces of a sword. Victor needs to find someone who can reforge a powerful magic weapon, and not just anyone will do. He might know where to find that someone… In the Wasteland where the ruins of a world long forgotten are scattered in the orange sands. It’s a vast and dangerous place, and Victor is getting impatient.

Crag and Bamboozle

Meet Crag and Bamboozle

Crag is the Rock Friend, Bamboozle is the Sneevil in goggles

You might have seen them in the Nulgath Part 2 Collection, and now they are in-game to help. Crag and Bamboozle are happy to point you in the right direction... for a price. But don't worry - their help will only cost you some rare and valuable items. Not your soul. Why would you even think that?

If you're feeling bold, they have a few extra tasks you can do for a very special reward.


The Nulgath Part 2 collection "Crag" has new functionality added to it. In addition to opening your collection when you click on it, it now also opens a large array of side-quests on the go, from the wasteland. Only the Crag Pet that comes from buying the Collector's Chest opens the Part II Collection and side-quests. You must have finished Nulgath Part 2 for in order for you to access it.


During this story you will meet a Blacksmith. He has a side quest for you to find the Pickaxe of Destiny... and become the Lord of Hard Rocks and Heavy Metals!

Victor Lionfang

What Lies Ahead...

Victor is certain that he will be able to defeat Dage with the full power of the reforged sword, but you’re uncertain. Dage has a whole undead army and Victor only has a few Paladins. Is the sword really that powerful? What is the true source of the power in the sword? And what does any of this have to do with Nulgath??

Helpful Hints

  • Most of the catacombs allow up to 5 players per instance during the storyline, even in the boss fight. If you can’t defeat a monster alone, bring your party.
  • Interact with any NPC you come across in the Catacombs and Wasteland. They may have side quests OR they may have helpful hints on how best to engage in combat in that area. Or they may have a bit of lore to share.
  • Holy Spit Seed quest is now also on Paladin Everett Sunguard in Seleden Forest.

Ways to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in AQ3D!

  • Ultra Mega Party Don is back in the Social District for a limited time.
  • Talk to Captain Rhubarb in Lolosia to join the 3v3 Ship Siege in his Pirate Cabin
  • Head to the Oddities Shop to join Voltaire on Skullpunch Island!
Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection 2022

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2022 Collection is Here!

Talk like a Pirate Day is September 19th! To celebrate, Captain Rhubarb is in Battleon with this year’s collection. Gunpowder Mary also has the collection in Lolosia. You can purchase collection items individually or purchase the Collector’s Chest for the whole collection plus collection exclusive items.

  • Collector’s Chest + “Nautilus” Title
  • Seahorse pet (looks smaller in item preview than reality)
  • Rickets Travel Form
  • Rickets Pet (exclusive*)
  • Wave Cutlass
  • Wave Carver Armor set
  • Wave Carver Gunblade (Weapon)
  • Wave Carver Dual Katanas (Weapon)
  • Nautical Knight Armor Set
  • Lancepoon (Weapon)
  • Conch Shield (Weapon)

EXCLUSIVE! Rickets the Pirate Moglin Pet is exclusively available as part of the TLAPD 2022 Collector's Chest. (Note: Unless you own all 12 HeroMart Moglins, in which case we are going to slide Rickets into your Moglin Collection next week for free!)

Sale 50% More DragonCrystals

Reload and get 50% extra DragonCrystals with any purchase from the Upgrade Shop now through October 3rd, 2022 EST.

Note: The 2022 Summer Collection and event has left Pointe Less Isle and Annette is no longer in Battleon. If you missed out on the collection, you can always get the individual items next year. 

The Nulgath Saga Part II

Thank you and… onward into the darkness!

We really hope you enjoy this new story release. It is unquestionably the darkest release we have added to the game. The team worked really hard on it.  Jongaar wrote new music for each area. There are new items from Thyton, Winnie, Dage, Xero. Korin created the cinematics for the climatic ending cutscene. Oh, once you have completed the main story, it will unlock challenging bonus side quests created by Sir Fainal, Clarion, and Memet.

We have more coming for you. As I write this we are currently working on side-quests and bonus challenge content for the newly released areas. Also we are getting close Samuarai Class. We are building an entire island and story for it. Then... prepare for the Artix Entertainment 20th Anniversary! Written by Beleen, it will be an anything goes release featuring a lot of the friends we have made along the way and hosted by one of the most iconic and appropriately "Mogloween" guests ever. 

Until then, see you in the catacombs...

Battle on!

Artix, Glisel & the AdventureQuest 3D Team


P.S. Broken Vignette on mobile!? AHHHHHH!!!!! The trendy looking black border is not in the right place on mobile. Sorry! We are working on a fix. In the meantime, you can set it to invisible in your settings. Just take the opacity down to 0%. 
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