Mogloween Begins! Paladin & Necromancer released

Cysero | Thursday, October 11, 2018

Paladin and Necromancer are now available for DragonCrystals , and also our final early access class for Kickstarter Backers, NInja, is now available. Mogloween has begun and the pathway to Mystcroft has opened!


Mogloween begins! ...Return to Mystcroft Mannor

The air is crisp, the pumpkins are ripe and the moon is high... It's time for Mogloween!

Every year, Mogloween comes to AQ3D bringing spooks, specters, spiders and Trollenstein's Monster! Today marks the return of the event as we open the creaky gates to Mystcroft Manor and last year's Mogloween adventures and seasonal items return.

This is only the beginning of the dark delights. Later this month we will be adding new playable content onto the event and releasing a new Mogloween 2018 collection!

Paladin and Necromancer Classes

We have released the Paladin and Necromancer classes! Right now you can only get them by purchasing them with DCs, but as soon as we rework Doomwood and Artix's storyline, you will be able to earn both of these classes for free along with all the class cosmetics for each class.

You can purchase these classes from Amala in the Class Trainer building in Battleon, or right from your In-Game Menu!

Ninja Live for Kickstarters

If you took part in the AQ3D Kickstarter and backed us at the Class Pre-Release Pass tier then Ninja is now available to you for free, marking the completion of the classes listed in the Pre-Release Pass. From this point forward, all players will get access to new classes at exactly the same time.

If you missed out on the AQ3D Kickstarter, don't worry. Ninja class, Paladin and Necromancer, will be available to earn and buy for all players in the Hidden Ninja Village area coming.... soon? ish?

Moglins are almost here!

For those of you who backed the Moglins Kickstarter, you'll be happy to know that we have everything ready for your Moglin companions to join you as soon as you recieve and enter your Kickstarter digital code.

Within the next week we will be sending out the digital codes and activating our Kickstarter Expansion through Backer Kit, allowing you to upgrade your pledge or make an all new pledge!

Next Release: The Vampire Castle

We're also working hard on getting the first part of the Vampire Castle release ready for release next week. This adventure will take you into the heart of vampiric power in Darkovia to face King Drachus and look for Mayor Granemore's kissing daughter.

If you haven't caught up on the Darkhurst or Darkovia Forest releases yet, now is the time!

Have a spooptacular weekend! OR ELSE!


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