Patch Notes! Version 1.74.0

Glisel | Wednesday, June 30, 2021

AdventureQuest 3D keeps getting better every week! In this update we’ve released part five of the Sandsea Saga, which features a terrifying new boss... There’s also a whole bunch of hotfixes, and the daily bosses are no longer dictated by the cruel Gods of RNG!


  • Summer 2021 Collection is now available!
  • Summer Shark Attack War Event is now going on in Pointe Less Isle!
  • Part 5 of the Sandsea Saga is now released! Take a slice at The Sand Witch! Part 5 and 5B of the Sandsea Saga is now released! Take a slice at The Sand Witch! Defend the Ruins in a new Challenge Fight and explore a new side dungeon: The Vault of the Undying King.

NEW IN 1.74.0

  • Guild Member Limit raised to 100!
  • Added a targeting indicator above your current target's head
  • PC: Added hotkey for targeting nearest enemy
  • Mobile: Added option for targeting button to cycle through targets or target nearest enemy
  • Mobile: Joystick mode selection, including new mode to allow joystick to follow as you drag
  • Fixed Mage Ult fx not playing correctly



  • Daily Boss Maps are now on a set rotation instead of random
  • Added a new Privacy Policy confirmation screen when creating a Login using Facebook Login, Apple Login or Guest Login
  • Fancy new popup notification text! Ooh!
  • Fixed an issue where NPC overhead bubbles were appearing when they were not supposed to and were not interactable
  • Fixed an issue where trading Tokens in a Shop could make the confirmation slider go into the negatives (Legion Assault shops)
  • Fixed some camera placement issues when previewing some Pets and Travel Forms
  • Players will no longer be placed in empty or partially empty Public Dungeons if there are no more Players in the instance
  • Updated Daily Boss Quest XP and Gold rewards so that they are all consistent.
  • Updated Nigel's Gift Basket Quest to still be completable if the Gift Basket got deleted
  • Fixed some monster levels in Screaming Woods Dungeon
  • Removed respawning monsters in Silverstone Mines Dungeon
  • Updated Ghostly Cannon Balls to be Unique and stack size to 100
  • Fixed an issue with extra Tengu Feather drops and increased the drop rate
  • Updated the Vampiric Knight stats in Werewolf Coliseum Story to be more in line with the intended level



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