AdventureQuest 3D's Pointe Less Isle

Summer Shop & Pointe Less Isle!

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 8, 2018

"Praise the sun!"

Come to our new tropical paradise, Pointe Less Isle, and get some sand pixels between your 3D toes. Cast off that heavy armor and soak up some rays while chillin' out with your friends in this social "hang out" area.

2018 Summer Shop & Collection

In our 1st ever Summer Collection there are 31... yes thirty-freaking-one new items! Our largest collection ever includes swimsuits, shades, sandals, steins, surfin' sneevil travel form and, well, here's the full list. Also includes rare title & badge.

  • Surfin' Sneevil
  • Beach Ball
  • Galanoth Surfboard
  • Surfin' Skulls Suit
  • Arm Floaties
  • Unicorn Floatie Belt
  • White Beachwear
  • Blue Beachwear
  • Red Beachwear
  • Surf Ready Swimsuit
  • Sea Foam Swimsuit
  • Water's Edge
  • Great White Axe
  • Beach Tankard
  • Pineapple Drink
  • Summer Scrimp Skewer
  • Yellow Sunglasses
  • Cool Dude Sunglasses
  • Candy Shades
  • Flaming Cat Ears
  • Green Beach Towel
  • Sandy Sandals
  • Fire Scion Scythe
  • Fire Scion Armor
  • Fire Scion Hooded Mask
  • Fire Scion Shoulders
  • Fire Scion Cloak
  • Fire Scion Boots
  • Fire Scion Gloves
  • Fire Scion Sash
  • Beachside Fishing Pole

Surfin' Sneevil Travel Form

Hang 10... or however many toes Sneevils have. OK, they have 10. We just counted. Surf on land and sea at 130% speed on a surfboard designed by community contest winner Yingjie.


Yet again, a mini-release intended to hold us over until The Dragon's Graveyard: Part II releases got... completely out of hand. Originally intended as a simple shop, we just kept adding more creative things. The team would laugh... and the inspiration became contagious resulting in us making more. From unicorn floaties to the subtly swaying trees-- you can feel the good vibes and love in this release.

"Life's a beach, and then you... DYE DYE DYE!"

Come hang out with us at Pointe Less Isle! Enjoy a little fun in the sun before we return to the Dragon's Graveyard to experience its' climatic finale!

The Card Game is BACK at

Vesper has been folding and packing the boxes... the first shipment of pre-orders has just gone out the door. Get the AdventureQuest Card Game while you still can at

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