Testing New Quest System & PvP Duel System

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 7, 2019

New Quest System, PvP Duels, and Starter Packs in testing

On the PTR (testing server) we are testing the new quest system and 1 vs 1 player vs player combat... you are invited to come test it before it goes live for all players next Tuesday.

New Quest System

New Quest System

The goal is the new quest system is allow quests to span the entire world. Also, to make it easier to tell where they take place. Be sure to read the full details in the previous post about the new questing system.  Based on feedback so far, we have removed the "teleport" button. Please let us know if you think it should be put back in.


PvP! New 1 vs 1 Player duels

You can now start a fight with another player. Needless to say, this new feature will need a little more testing than the others.

NOTE: Bug hunters looking to thoroughly test this for exploits should try to find edge cases where dueling allows you to harm NPCs, other players, or things not involved in the combat.

Starter Pack Armor

Starter Packs

We have been getting a lot of new mobile players. Most of them are new to our video game community. If you count among them, welcome! We are adding a new low priced starter pack which includes some gear designed by our artists, potions, and stuff to get into the game. It is in testing too, and we plan on releasing it on Tuesday. Unless... you are a Guardian or Collector's Guardian. Because if you are already a Guardian... you are automatically getting this starter pack added to your character for free! :D Thank you for being an awesome and long time supporter of the AdventureQuest 3D. (The finished armor set looks awesome)




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