NEW! Sandsea Daily Boss Map: Spikarox

Glisel | Tuesday, August 3, 2021

All players can battle Spikarox in the new Daily Boss fight!

Not caught up on the Sandsea Saga, yet? Don’t worry. Players of all levels are welcome to join this fight. The new Sandsea Daily Boss fight just went live. Join us online now for a taste of the Sandsea city of Bastion and some of its deadly desert creatures with great rewards!

Scorpion Boss fight

I'll scratch your back if you scratch... Scratch's?

Scratch is the half-cat Kitarian from Battleon. He recruits high level heroes to adventure in the Sandsea Desert. You will also find him in this week's new Sandsea Daily Boss fight. Talk to him to learn about the “Pest Invasion” and get a look at the exciting new items you can craft with your rewards.

How to get to the Dailiy Boss fight

How do I get to the Daily Boss Fight?

It is super easy. Just open your side menu (you know, the one with three lines) and go to the adventures tab.

“Pest Invasion”

It’s Smacking Day! Every so often the town of Bastion will become overrun with critters from the surrounding Sandsea desert. The residents have created a holiday to reward people for helping to put a smack down on these invasive critters. You’ll need to smack twelve small critters and one big critter. Accept this quest and, for your help, you will receive a Daily Boss Trophy and extra Bug Parts which can be used to craft new items.


Town of Bastion

Meet the Boss: Spikarox

Spikarox is one big critter, if you can call it that. It is a giant golden scorpion with a deadly poisonous sting. This critter not only poisons you but it spawns baby scorpion minions to do additional damage. Oh yeah, and did we mention Area of Effect attacks? You might want to stock your hotbar with potions and healing spells.

Spikarox itself may drop special items including the Broken Telson which is needed to begin crafting the Telson Daggers.

Joined an instance with just a few people? Glisel and Rellik wrote some tips for How to Survive Spikarox with a Small Party:

  • Suggested Party Composition: at least one of each class type - healing, ranged, tank
  • Keep moving/Dodge
  • Prep a lot of potions
  • Must have a healer of some type
  • Use AOEs when baby scorpions are spawned
  • Try not to trigger attacks from the other monsters in the map
  • Bring Lots of Bug Spray

Cochineal Oasis Armor

Spikarox Crafting

After you have given a big smack to Spikarox, return to Scratch to turn in your quest and take your Bug Parts to the Spikarox Crafting shop. You will be able to craft four new weapons and a fresh set of Sandsea armor and a belt. All of these items can be upgraded to Epic rarity in the crafting shop with more Bug Parts and the base items.

Crafting Items

  • Telson Daggers (requires “Broken Telson” drop to begin crafting)
  • Sandsea Curved Knife
  • Sandsea Dual Bladed Scythe
  • Sandsea Polearm
  • Cochineal Oasis Armor
  • Cochineal Oasis Belt

See you on Smacking Day!

Battle on!
Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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