Screenshot Saturday: Parkour Hot Shots

Glisel | Friday, August 30, 2019

It's #ScreenshotSaturday Parkour Hot Shots edition.

This week we opened up the Ashfall volcano to give you a new parkour map - and then some! Take your best screenshots as you collect those monster drops while you parkour. We're looking for one unique action shot - let's see those hops! - and one unique solo shot. Get creative, make it special!


Easy! Post your screenshot as a reply to @ArtixKrieger's Screenshot Saturday Twitter post.


We're only going to give away two prizes this time, so, Artix said, "Let's give them MORE."
How about an Emperor's Chest for each winner? 


Last Week's Winners

There were only 5 entrants who submitted screenshots of the AdventureQuest Worlds Korn Battle Concert, so everyone was a winner!

AQW Grand Prize Winner

AQW Grand Prize Winner: 500 ACs
IGN: Lucifer

AQW Winners: 200 ACs
IGN: Zynonn
IGN: tuyul1231861
IGN: Strategos_Santiago


AdventureQuest3D had so many good entrees, it's a good thing I could pick 21! Here are the best of the best!

AQ3D Grand Prize Winner

AQ3D Grand Prize Winner: 500 DCs
IGN: Malefiz

AQ3D Winners: 200 DCs
IGN: Lemaris
IGN: Blood Violet
IGN: Jervil
IGN: Exalted Savage Foo
IGN: Kasegowase
IGN: King Kahuna
IGN: Kingtigerknight
IGN: Kristine-Gail
IGN: Lunaceria
IGN: Ms_Pro_
IGN: PRO - Devourment
IGN: Sam Aelica
IGN: Subterror Nemesis
IGN: TheHolyDevilBloodKing
IGN: Sylfer_Environ
IGN: Baby Disco
IGN: Chai
IGN: Daniel Swiftstrike
IGN: Appsalar

The winners have already received their prizes, so good luck to you all in the next one!

Battle on!

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