Screenshot Saturday 13 Winners!

Pacific | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Well, this Screenshot Saturday contest proves it. There are some wickedly evil villains in our gaming community! In this Screenshot Saturday players were asked to gear up as as villains and take screenshots. They certainly proved themselves in unique ways. Some of you are chaotic good, some chaotic neutral, and even better yet, some of you are chaotic evil.

We might not know your exact alignment, but we do know this—this week's entries were super-creative and we have extremely talented players. Whether it was through your writing or screenshot submissions, we were absolutely blown away at your sheer talent. Great job to everyone who submitted an entry. I enjoyed looking through all of your posts and reading all of your delightfully evil stories.

But you didn’t come here to read something sappy—you came here to read about the winners, so we might as well get into that!

Our sinister winners are...

  • @Leun_Rm on Twitter (IGN: az_leun) with his atmospherically evil screenshot selections.
  • @Dricken_AQ3D on Twitter (IGN: MercerLionheart) for making me laugh (and also because Drickens are amazing).
  • @Lichviathan on Twitter (IGN: Iason Valtrith) for the amazingly evil shots!
  • @Wrath of Thanatos on Twitter (IGN: Thanatos Necros) with their sinister selection screenshots and awesome backstory to their villain.
  • @Biohazardarmy on Twitter (IGN: Biohazardarmy) for the eerie looking atmosphere and awesome outfit in their screenshot submission!

And what would a contest be without some runners up?

  • @Hellhound0000 on Twitter (IGN: FCerberus) for all of their screenshots and the spooky pumpkin villain armor!
  • @13CAOS1 on Twitter (IGN: 13CAOS) for the awesome shot with the Bone Dragon and Cerberus pup!

Winners of this contest received an Emperor's Chest and runners up received a Warlord Chest!

We appreciate everyone who posted and everyone who’s reading this now! I’m so proud of how many of you have been joining in. Be sure to congratulate the winners and get ready for the next one.

And you can check out all of the entries in one handy place-- our Facebook gallery!

See you in this week's new #ScreenshotSaturday post,

Pacifica and all your friends at Artix Entertainment

P.S. If you have any ideas on how to make ScreenShot Saturday even better, or prize ideas, or themes you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below.


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