Shop of Oddities

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

"Something MYSTERIOUS this way comes."

Do you remember that magic shop in MechQuest? Yes, the one with Mysterious Johnston and the ghostbusting mecha. If not, that is OK. Just know, it was... strange. So very, very strange.

The oddities shop in the city of Battleon

If you are looking for an extra eyeball, your fortune, or need someone to roll a 20-sided die for you.... stop by the oddities shop which is coming in the next AdventureQuest 3D release.

Oddity shop stuff

Within, you will find the odd, strange, and unusual....

Mysterious Johnson in AdventureQuest 3D


You may remember his chocolate chip fortune cookies... or you may not know Mysterious Johnson at all. But he knows you. (At least he says so.) Sorta looks like the musician Aurelio Voltaire if he bought a low budget magician's suit off of eBay.

Sit and have your fortune read

Madam Astra... psychic? Something else?

She'd tell your future by reading your palm... if your characters 3D model could actually let you open your hand. You and your friends can sit at her table as her eyeball glares at you will unblinking interest. She may have some interesting things to say about you....

The Oddities shop is coming as part of the next release and will contain weird and strange items, and quests that give players a reason to go back to earlier boss fights (which will help new players).


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