State of the Game 2023

Glisel | Friday, June 2, 2023

A recap of what we've accomplished and what's to come in AQ3D

Hi everyone,

Today’s State of the Game is coming to you from Glisel and Beleen. Glisel is here to reminisce on what the AdventureQuest 3D team has accomplished in the year since our last State of the Game. “From Sagas to classes to features, I’ve got it covered!” 

Beleen is also flittering about, eager to bring you up to date on the exciting projects we’re working on right now. “There are so many fun features coming up,” Beleen exclaims, “that I can’t possibly choose just one thing as my favorite!


What We’ve Accomplished 

Oh my goodness! We have had so many awesome releases and brought a lot of really fun new features to the game. It’s hard not to gush about them all… But I know you don’t want to be here reading forever, so I’ll just hit the biggest highlights. Here we go!

Previously in AQ3D… XD 

One of our first huge wins was the conclusion of the Lolosia Saga in an epic adventure that took you to the lost city of Atlantis! This was followed by the introduction of the long-awaited, Artix Entertainment fan-favorite, Nulgath Saga - with our own little spin. We are still working on Part 3 for this one, but it has been a learning experience and an exciting challenge to bring the epic story of Nulgath to 3D. 

We have also introduced new classes (Samurai and Curse Weaver Mage) and new functionality to old friends (Bank / Quest Pets and party summons like Fire Starters). In fact, you could say that Fire Starters ignited the spark that brought you Dage’s Legion Summons. We hope to bring you more party summons that empower you to host your own Live Events. But my personal favorite project we’ve done is the supreme combo of the Burger Hero map and Pizzamancer class! Thank you for letting us continue to do silly April Fools releases like this, and letting us keep them around as permanent content. There’s more Burger Hero where that came from! 

We’ve also had a few notable guests show up in game. Aurelio Voltaire made his first appearance in AQ3D with “Return to Skullpunch Island,” and then reunited with friends for the Artix Entertainment 20th Anniversary of Evil! We celebrated 20 years with 6 mini-games based on B-Horror films with guests Aurelio Voltaire, Mia J Park, the A.I. formerly known as Kimberly J Freeman, George Lowe, and (for a limited time only) Elvira! Yes – THAT Elvira. If you missed out on the event, you can still join the fun in the Adventure Menu’s “Side Stories” now hosted by the one and only…

Beleen! Take it away!


What We’re Working on Now

Eeep! That’s me! I don’t know where to begin so let’s start by highlighting Content Creator Lag who worked with the community to deliver a video of feature suggestions and bug fixes. Thank you sooo much Lag for bringing together the community to consolidate this information, aaand for reminding us that the players also need to hear about the work we’re doing – even if it’s just in the early planning stages. While not all of the things Lag addressed are being worked on at the moment, many of them are – and MORE ermahgerd!

What was addressed in the video…

  • More guns and bows are coming. The artists will be including them more in future releases.
  • Ye wanted stats? How about a whole Augment system to put stats on your stuffs? 
  • More Guardian content is coming, but still in the early planning stage.
  • Big guild update coming soon – more info on this previous DN post!
  • Not yet in planning phase, buuut 
    • Travel Menu interaction
    • Inventory updates
    • and more Customization options on the todo list!
  • Bug fixes 
    • Make bug reporting easier
      • Status: investigating this. We need to identify where the specific stumbling blocks are and how to implement changes.
    • Death bug: When a player hits 0 HP, sometimes the death-screen does not appear, so players are in this strange limbo state of not dead and not alive. 
      • Status: fixed…ish. We published a patch a couple weeks ago to reduce the occurrences of this issue, however it is under ongoing maintenance as we’re still investigating the source of the bug.  
    • Goto bug: Turning off “goto” still allows players to go to you. 
      • Status: fix in progress
    • Axe of Question animation loops (repeats itself over and over) when you get it in a Daily Chest.
      • Status: ongoing investigation. We have a lot of reports on this but we, the AQ3D team, are unable to reproduce the issue, so finding the source has proved difficult. We even tried asking this question to the Axe of Question, but it gave us no response. 

And more super stuff in the works!

  • Classes in pre-production (names are TBD)
    • Time-based caster
    • Fast-paced melee action
    • Avenging short-range gunslinger
  • Map and Spawn Editor Tools for Devs
    • Been in development for several months, and we just started using it recently, beginning with the Burger Hero release. What does it do? Spawns ALL the burgers?!?! Wait, what… no? Apparently it speeds up content creation, allowing for higher quality releases and overall improved performance for the content team.
      but i want infinite burgers too… 👉🍔👈
  • Apple app download fix
    • We were unable to upload the new game version to the Apple App Store until the initial download file size was decreased. We went above and beyond… to make it smaller. We have reduced the initial download size for all devices to remedy this issue. The fix is included with this week’s release.
  • Sheathing Weapons 
    • Running around with your pointy blade all willy-nilly is mega dangerous, so Sheathing is FINALLY here (and that DN post is right here)! You are now able to sheath the majority of your weapons on your back by enabling the Auto-Sheath option in the Settings, or typing /sheathe in the chat. There will be a phase 2 of Sheathing because Bows and very few outlier weapons are unable to be sheathed right now.  
  • Guilds Phase II
    • In the works!
  • Housing
    • In development too! Early stages of planning and design. Blueprint stage!
  • Quest Reward choices
    • A fun new quality of life update for quest turn-ins in the works. Instead of receiving a set reward, you can select one of multiple rewards. All choices should be of the same value, so you’re just choosing between aesthetic preferences.
  • Mail System
    • Early stage. If your inventory is full or you get disconnected, or any other host of reasons why you could not receive your loot rewards from any event, combat, quest, etc – the loot will go into your mailbox instead! It’ll be like Amazon Prime, but with 2 second delivery. Specific details to come later, but we will try to filter out the junk mail 🤭
  • Early Game Play Experience
    • New intro is in progress! A big overhaul for the area, including an easier flow and introducing tutorials for hot bar and swapping classes. All of the need-to-know for early gameplay should be there in a fun, new, and beautiful experience.    
  • In-Game Button to AQ3D Post
    • There will be a button on the in-game News that will take you to the Design Notes post to read all about it! Unfortunately, this has hit a snag that has halted progress on this requested feature.
  • Beleen’s Blinding-Pink Rose-Colored Glasses
    • You asked (and cried) for it, so here it is: the amazing pink-colored text in all the AQ3D Design Notes that I write myself will have a “Better in Pink” button at the top of the page. For all those allergic to pink, you can enjoy reading the AQ3D DNs in a normal boring white color, while all those who LOVE pink as much as I do can click that button and change the text to fantastic fuchsia! That way everybody gets what they want without eyeballs bleeding… unless that’s exactly what you want >.> Teeheehe! 

What’s Next?

The world of AQ3D is brimming with excitement and endless possibilities. Game devs and players alike immerse ourselves in remarkable realms, experiencing adventures and challenges like never before — both in-game and IRL. Thanks to players like you, we are able to transport ourselves to extraordinary worlds, fostering community and igniting our imaginations, which inspire us to push the boundaries even further! As we embark on the early stages of all these features, fixes, and updates, we are fueled by coffee and unwavering optimism, determination, and dedication to all who call Battleon home. Our smol but stronk team is hard at work, crafting new realities, refining gameplay mechanics, redefining sleep schedules, and weaving captivating content that will whisk players into uncharted realms of adventure! 

With each passing day, we inch closer to a future where imagination knows no limits (other than pesky Class conundrums) so that each player can embark on unforgettable quests to shape their own legendary tale. Together, we believe in the boundless potential of AQ3D, and we eagerly await the future where all our dreams become reality — and the thrill of victory becomes a shared triumph amongst us all!

Battle on!

-- Glisel and Beleen and the AQ3D team

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