Summon Friends with a Magic Word

Artix Krieger | Thursday, September 8, 2016

Clark Kent: Hey Bruce, what are you playing?
Bruce Wayne:
AdventureQuest 3D, want to play with me?
Clark Kent: Sure... but how do I join you?
Bruce Wayne: One sec, let me give you a magic word.... *Tap tap*
Bruce Wayne: Axe42
Clark Kent: Uh... Axe42? What do I do with that?
Bruce Wayne: Oh, just click on "Goto Friend" from the login screen or the friends menu and enter it. Then you will instant teleport next to me no matter where I am.
Clark Kent: Super!
Bruce Wayne: Don't say that. It drives me batty.Lois Lane: HELP!
Clark & Bruce: !?!?!
Lois Lane: Seriously, I need help taking down this Dragon... magic word Red77... quick!

3 Easy Ways to Summon & Goto Friends

Including our very original idea, and my favorite way, "The Magic Word"
AdventureQuest 3D is a true cross platform game. It does not matter if you are playing from Steam (PC/Mac), or your Apple, or your Android. Most games say they are cross-platforms but they restrict all their players to only playing with people on the same type of device. However, in AdventureQuest 3D you can log YOUR character into our world and play with everyone no matter what anyone is playing on! This is why we call it "A TRUE CROSS PLATFORM MMORPG"

I remember the day we all sat down for the first time and started playing together on different devices. It was so freaking cool. But as we sat around the table and tried to group up, we suddenly realized something... O_O. Even though we were literally sitting next to each other, it was hard to group up in game. So we asked the right question, 'what is the easiest way we can group together if we are sitting next to each other." We thought about texting, or sending a friend invite (all things we intend to add too by the way), but all of these things were cumbersome. I wanted to play with you RIGHT NOW, no complication! So I said, "What if I were able to lean over and just tell you a simple word?" Thus "The Magic Word" was born.

#1 The Magic Word

Summoning a friend is so easy! When it goes live, you will simply click: Friends then Summon. Done!

If I leaned over and told you that you could join me with the Magic Word: Axe2 then you will be able to teleport to me in 2 clicks :D Just click "Goto Friend" on either the character select screen (super convenient!) or also from your friends menu. Enter the Magic Word and hit go!

These magic words which teleport you to a friend are temporary and only last a reasonably short amount of time. (We are doing 15 minutes to start.) It is the perfect way to teleport to someone and then add them to your friends list (Warlic is working on the Friends List feature now). Maybe we should put embarrassing magic words in... just to.. uh... see what happens >_> "Um, Barry, the magic word is... *gulps* Poo99"

#2 Friends List (Goto/Summon)

You will be able to goto and send summon requests to all of the friends on your Friends list too. You will be happy to know you will be able to manage the permissions on your goto/summon settings. You can allow anyone, make them "friends only", or even turn them off completely. When you get a summon request in game, it will appear as a message in your chat box "Artix would like to summon you to join them in DoomWood forest. Click here to teleport." I like this approach because your chat box is passive.... a much better alternative to GIANT MODAL BOXES WHICH POP UP IN THE CENTER OF YOUR SCREEN! Nope. Never Again. We should handle PvP requests like this too.

#3 Share a Link! (Copy/Pasta)

You will also get a custom, personal link that you can text, post on Twtter/FB/etc, or copy & paste into your favorite messaging program to invite a friend. In mobile games this "deep link" will automatically launch the game and immediately teleport you to your friend without hassle. Steam is proving to be a bit trickier to do this with... but we have not given up hope yet. Unlike the Magic Words, these links last a really long time. Good for having people join you in live streams, during PvP invasions, wars, camping for rares, or epic gags where you find a way to be invulnerable and sit in a area crowded with level 999 monsters. You will also be able to manage this feature with on/off/friends-only.

when will this go live?

A very primitive (and very broken) version of this feature was introduced in a previous patch. We have been working on it (by we I really mean Warlic who is doing all of the hard work) as part of the upcoming Friends system. I expect it to go launch with the MAJOR update coming your way in October.... and by major I mean the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT which is coming.... tomorrow! (Although you probably already figured it out. Stop being so smart!)

P.S. Today's post was originally scheduled to be a team update... which I will include as part of tomorrows special announcement :D




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