"Take a Bow"

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Which bow do you want to use?

Ranger is coming! It is our first class to use bows. Our artists (Dage, Thyton, Darkon, & Winnie) have been creating themed bows and will be hiding them for you to find or earn in various areas around our game world.

Check them out...

AdventureQuest 3D Themed Bows

"Shiver me Quivers!"

Absolutely love the attention to detail! Like the fish net webbing on the Pirate bow. Both on the bow itself and on the quiver.

Pirate Bow

Monster hunting requires a monsterously powerful bow...

Hunters Bow

Warriors and other melee classes may think bows suck... and unlucky for them, the Vampire Bows just might! ("suck their blood!")

Vampire Bow

We have never had a proper bow class in an Artix Entertainment video game before... so you might need to bone up on your archery skill by finding this next one...

Skull Mouth Bow

If the bone bow above turns out as intended, your arrow should shoot through the skull's mouth. Did Thyton intentionally make the string look like tendon? O_o "Oh my dear...." Talking about dear...

Antler Bow

Never hurts to "branch out" into new bow types. The one above is "A-OAK" with me!

But what about heroes that just want to do a little, light archery?

Ice Bow

The epic and fantasy themed bows above are all good choices... but if you are a hero of culture with classic tastes...

Thick Wooden Bow

Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood) was also trained in the staff and cane. But if it is "ar-cane" you are looking for, get ready to search for this bow.

Arcane Bow

Love these bows to death? Why stop there... the Undead Legion themed bow includes an un-life-time warranty XD

Dages Undead Legion Bow

The Ranger Class is coming as early as next week!

(See how I strategically worded this in case something goes wrong? WIS +1)

The team is currently putting the finishing touches on the animations, skills, and balance. We hope you enjoyed this bow preview and look forward to finding them in game along with the Ranger upcoming ranger release.

QUESTION! Which one is your favorite? Which one will you be using.

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