New Daily Treasure Chest Items!

Glisel | Monday, December 23, 2019

'Tis the season for giving!

Some exciting new items and sets are being added to the Treasure Chests... and don't forget to pick up your gift box from Artix!

Legendary Halos!

This time Dagger made something everyone is sure to love! Halos! And they are Legendary rarity.

These glowing circlets hover above your head and come in various colors. If you're lucky, you'll find one in your daily Treasure Chest!

Travel Trails

These new effect potions come in various styles and are consumable items (stack of 20) which last for two minutes.

What do they do? They leave a motion trail as you run around Lore. It even works while you're in travel form!

New Daily Treasure Chest Rewards

New Sets Added to Treasure Chests

  • Demon Hunter Set 
  • Beastbinder Set
  • Venom Beastbinder Set
  • Shadow Elf Set

New Weapons Added to Treasure Chests

  • Holy Light Sword and Sword & Shield
  • Leo Sword and Sword & Shield
  • Grand Master Sword and Grand Master Sword & Shield

Gift Boxes

Artix has returned to Lore with a gift box for every hero! They cost 0 gold from the Gift Box shop on him and will automatically unwrap on New Year's Eve to show what is hidden inside.

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