World Tree Bug Found

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 30, 2018

World Tree rescheduled to next week... Egg Hunt happening tonight!

The Bad News
We found a game-breaking bug today testing the originally scheduled World Tree release. We need to submit a new version of the game in order to fix it. (Details below)

The Good News
Instead, we will be having our 1st ever annual "OMG the release broke, what do we do... oh, how about a world wide Egg Hunt? Quick, you have 2 hours to make it and get it live! GO! GO! GO!" Release!

About the Masks

The Tree of Life is an elementally diverse place with a lot of new different items you can find or craft. Some of the most interesting items include these masks (yes, you will be able to wear these) which you will get from the bonus boss challenge after completing the main story.

The gnitty gritty details

Without giving away any spoilers, we added new feature to the upcoming release that requires you to transform to complete some of the quests. We found cases where this broke the quests in a way that made them impossible to complete. This game breaking bug requires an engine update to fix. Obviously, the new version of the game will need to be submitted and go live on the App stores and Steam before we can push out the Tree of Life release. Zhoom and the coders are working on the fix now and will be submitting it tonight in hopes of a release early next week.

A message from the Shaman, Silfsgaard

I received this text from Silfsgaard, the "World Builder" Kickstarter Backer who directed this new release. "Actually, I have a really good feeling about the bug fix. A strong spiritual feeling: this is something that would have bitten you in the tail hardcore at a future point. Something actually bad could have happened. This was the 'best time' to fix a structural defect; maybe inconvenient now, but way less costly than later"

Get ready for the Egg Hunt!

We will use the extra time we are given to add more to the Tree of Life, and make part 1 even more fun for you. Until then... get read for the Egg Hunt



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