Earn the Archmage's and Exvidius' armors! (Level 27 Epic)

Glisel | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Are you a good mage or a bad mage?

The Trials of the Mage are where you decide. In today's new AdventureQuest 3D release, return to Arcangrove and take on a new challenge fight and a daily quest where you can craft  the two most epic sets of armor in Arcangrove. (And yup, they are Epic Quality Level 27 sets!)

Are you a Good Mage?

Go to Archmage Arziir for the challenge fight, daily quest, and armor set crafting. Be the first to earn Archmage Arziir's personal armor set which is a   level 27 with purple (epic) rarity. 

...or a Bad Mage?

During the challenge fight and daily quest you will battle Voidmage Exvidius. When you have collected enough Grove Essence (yep! Another Essence farm) and the mage... scraps... you can also choose to craft his armor instead. This armor set is also level 27, epic quality.

See you in the challenge fights and - Battle on!

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