Concept Art! Volcanos & Dragons

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Concept Art Engage!

A Volcano has been spotted.... upon it, sits a giant Dragon. Not sure why we did not see it before. It is right there, clearly visible from the DoomWood skyline.

In an unstable land ravaged by volcanic activity, environmental damage from the lava "waterfalls" are a must. Llusion's concept art shows a section of an explorable overland area were a legion of Dragon-kind forces are forming an army.

In the distance... an iconic sight... a volcanic lair with a twisted monstrous face screaming from the stone... deadly lava pours from every opening... familiar to many of you who played our previous games. But brace yourself for something entirely new within.

QUESTION! Why make Concept Art?

Shortest Answer: "Because..."
Better Answer: "To create a shared vision!"

If you are like me and have poured through countless video game art books, you find yourself wondering "I do not remember any of this stuff from the game, where did it come from and why did they make it?" Now that we are working on a game that is so hard to make that we actually have to plan what we are building before we start the 3D modeling, texturing, and assembly... I finally "get it."

Our team starts off with a Camp Fire meeting where we discuss what needs to go into the next area. Then, on paper and pencil we sketch out the rough idea of the area. Then Llusion takes that and does a concept painting of it which comes back to me for approval. I have learned that this is VERY IMPORTANT because unlike our previous games if I just say "Sure, looks good" and they make it... IT IS REALLY HARD TO CHANGE ANYTHING! Where in our previous games it was super easy to make big changes, even at the last minute. Which I did... often. Things like color and atmosphere are most important-- because Llusion actually picks colors right off his concept art to texture with.

So if the colors above are too washed out for a lava zone... then you can request a change. Like I did... and where Llusion happily resent me  the original concept art he had made where he nailed it perfectly before I had him change it >_> NOTE TO SELF: Never argue with the expert :D

Laaaaaaavaaaaaaaaaa! ...and SPIKES! ..and CHAINS!

In the next major patch, you will be able to see this area from the new and improved skyline of DoomWood. (It looks pretty amazing)

Get Involved with the Fire Volcano Dragon Zone!

*This* post is dedicated exclusively to all things fiery and vocano-y! Here is how you can get involved. The theme is "Dragons, Fire Minion Army, and Dragonslayers." We already did everything you would expect us to do... wrote the storyline, outlined essential monsters and items. But this is where we can  be different than other game studios. The comment box below is your window to being a part of our creative universe. Brain storm crazy fire monsters and items below... maybe suggest some interesting DragonSlayers. We will read your ideas and thoughts-- just keep it positive and focused on what you want (because the rest of the internet only seems to do the opposite.) Maybe this is a second way we can be different.

Comment your fiery ideas in the comment section below!

P.S. Check in tomorrow, it is time for a progress update to see what every member of the team is currently working on!



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