The war is won!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The war is won!

As you read this, the Mages assemble to create a time bubble where the Town of Battleon will appear to be instantly rebuild. You have about a day to farm for any remaining items before this happens.

The last stone of Battleon....

"Rock solid proof of your involvement in this world event" Craft this pet rock on Brigitte.

The last board of Battleon...

"It's pretty coal!" Craft this smoldering plank on Brigitte.

Behind the Scenes: Burning and churning!

On the down low, you beat the war a lot faster than the dev team was anticipating. "YOU WIN!" The dev team is submitting a new AdventureQuest 3D client update today, as the new city of Battleon is dependent on them before going live. We have also been dealing with the "pink items and monsters" glitch which resulted from our new dynamic content streaming system. One little feature that you might approve of... is adding a shard of the travel crystal at the top of your inventory. (Does not take up inventory space.) This shard will let you teleport back to town at will. I know, I know, you can just go to the travel menu, right? Our data indicates that this is not as obvious as one would think. So, we're putting it at the top of your most used button for easy access. Once you teleport to town in front of the Travel Crystal, you can easily teleport back.


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