What Is Everyone Doing?

Cysero | Thursday, September 29, 2016

AQ3D What Is Everyone Doing?

We always try and communicate with you guys and if you follow AQ3D or our team members over social media, you get some idea what we are currently working on but it's hard to get the whole picture. 

Just for fun, here is a list of all our current in-house AQ3D staff  and some of what we are working on. Keep in mind, that we're a very small team with a very big project so everyone here is always doing the work of two or three people. What you see here won't be everything. 


ARTIX - Overall game oversight and game direction. Gaming website interviews. Player Interaction. Design notes. 

YERGEN - Day-to-day team task management, Mogloween map creation.

LLUSSION - Volcano Area concept design and, map element modeling and texturing, map creation.

XERO - Item modeling, Backer weapon and NPC design, Monster design and texture painting. Asset bundle management. 

CYSERO - Quest and dialogue writing, game story oversight, area planning, player & kickstarter backer interaction, Design Notes, being amazing. 

THYTON - Monster concept design, armor textures, weapon textures, kickstarter backer item textures, posing for this Design Notes image. 

DAGE - Monster texture painting, monster, villain and NPC concepts, Item textures, kickstarter backer item textures. 

CIRCA - Promotional images, NPC and monster texture painting.

OISHII - Game re-balance, Item re-statting, bug testing and verification.

KORIN - Monster rigging, Monster animation, NPC rigging and animation. Player rigging and animation, streaming it all. 


ZHOOM - Development of new features, oversight of overall game programming. 

KRAKEN - Dialogue and cutscene system, Bank system, additional new features. 

WARLIC - Friend invite system, Friend system, mobile version synchronization. 

ROLITH - Continued database and admin development. 


Then there are the two guys from Black Sea Odyssey who aren't officially AE but are working with us on AQ3D for a little while. 

PANICPOP - AQ3D Map system.

PERSEUS - New development tools and deeper admin/game intercommunication, map development.

So there you go, these are some examples of each team member's responsibilities as of today. This doesn't include Ai No Miko who is making constant improvements to the AQ3D website (as well as the other games sites), Captain Rhubarb who sets up all the codes for promotional items and helped design the redeem and delivery system for those items (as well as his usual godlike coder responsibilities for the AE game network), Platinum Lady or her testers (who are not in-house but it would lovely if they were), Nythera or her Player Support team (who are in house but handle a lot more than the AQ3D Account, Payment and Kickstrter issues) and everyone else who is putting in time and effort to help get AQ3D complete and done right as quickly as we can. This includes you. 

That's right. Don't forget that without our Kickstarter and/or Guardians, none of this would be happening. We also rely on you to play, give us feedback when we need it, report bugs when you find them and keep the hype train moving! Without your support it would not be possible for us to dedicate our whole attention to creating AQ3D and all that this entails. 

Which of our teams would you want to work with? Let us know in the comments section! 

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