Welcome to the town of Winter's Grasp

Glisel | Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Winter’s Grasp

Start a new Frostval adventure in the town of Winter’s Grasp. A haven for all creatures, Winter’s Grasp invites you to join their celebration. Meet the residents and find out what makes this town so special.

You can also find your way to the original Frostval event maps and dungeons with Blizzy here in Winter’s Grasp and in Battleon.

Mayor Kayne

The mayor is busy getting ready for the big celebration. Everyone is welcome. Care to lend a hand? And maybe you can help him find out what is behind the mysterious beast sightings recently. Word seems to have spread and drawn the attention of Hale, a monster hunter.

The Monster of Mount Scrunch

Hale is certain the reports of the beast sightings point to werewolves, but Mayor Kayne is not convinced. Follow the beast up Mount Scrunch and learn what this beast is once and for all.

Mount Scrunch Rewards

Your hard work isn’t for nothing. The various beasts on Mount Scrunch have loot hidden up there. As you battle your way to the mountaintop, you may get some of these awesome rewards.

Hale’s Winter’s Grasp Rewards

Return to Hale to get similar monster hunting armor pieces made with the green fur of the monster and a couple new weapons.

The Frozen Artifact

Hale would like you to retrace your steps to be sure we know the truth about the monster of Mount Scrunch. Help her out and you’ll obtain an elusive frozen artifact, the Holly Jolly Head Splitter. This item will become Legacy (unobtainable) after Frostval leaves around January 25, 2023. Get it while you can!

2022 Frostval Collection

Huzzah, it’s here! Visit Blizzy in Battleon or in the town of Winter’s Grasp to get the 2022 Frostval Collection now. Buy the Collector’s Chest and get the title “Frosted”. Read the details in the Frostval Collection post.

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Last Chance

  • 20th Anniversary Event ends around December 30th, 2022. Event game maps will be moved to Adventure Menu permanently
  • 50% Dragon Crystal Bonus ends January 18, 2023.
  • Frostval maps and shops leave January 25th, 2023

Thank you and… Next!

Artix posted a Q&A of everything you want to know about AQ3D. Check it out here.

Next... Get ready for the Atlantis Boss Fight... our final boss fight of 2022!
Also, the New Year is just around the corner! If you would like Artix to do live events again for New Years, please let him know on Twitter.

Happy Holidays and…
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