The World Tree is LIVE!

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 6, 2018

Want to become a spirit raven and soar between the elemental planes? It is finally here-- explore the World Tree in AdventureQuest 3D. The Shaman, Slifsgaard, has a vision about you. You are about to begin a journey that will reveal who you really are.

Snek from the Elemental Plane of Earth

Explore strange places, unlock new titles, & find secret chests

We hid 3 new exploration points for you to find that unlock titles. Also, you may discover a few secret boxes. One containing, "The best backstory I never knew I needed to read" - Player on Twitter

Become a Spirit Raven in AdventureQuest 3D

Become a Spirit Raven... find secrets.

This release uses our newest feature to allow all players to transform into something special to explore the World Tree and traverse the mysterious elemental planes.

Shaman Gear

New Drops & Gear to Craft

After a series of releases full of darkness and skulls, this new release brings us back to color and nature --with skulls!

  • Spiritual Warrior Set
  • Soothsayer Set
  • Jagulope Set (half Jaguar... half Jackalope?)
  • New travel forms
  • Spirit Animal Helms (Unlock after you beat the story)
  • Unusual new items to find and upgrade-- with skulls!
Axaz, the elemental Aspect of Fire

The 4 Elemental Aspects

In this new story you will be tested by the very personifications of the elements. They also have AWESOME masks. Plot aside, next we will probably beat them up for them... just saying.

Slifasgaard the Shaman

Meet Slifsgaard the Shaman

QUEST! Say that name 5 times fast O_O Pronounced "Slif's Guard"

This adventure was designed by Slifsgaard, the first of our two "World Designer" backers from the Kickstarter. He visited the lab, helped design the release, and we had a day long face-time where he launched the release with the team-- even joined us on a live stream of the release with Massively Overpowered. He is a great guy in real life, and was most focused on us creating something fun and special for you.

The World Tree Release in AdventureQuest 3D

Thank you... and next week is Friday the 13th!

We really hope you enjoy the World Tree. It has a little something in it for everyone. Next week, is Friday the 13th! Shrade and a new Campgonnagetcha (redesigned so the cabins are the same distance) will appear. On monday we will be officially posting the two new team mascots and their banners.

Then, the following week we will launch part 2, the finale, of the World Tree. This will feature new cutscenes, the Elemental Axe, the masks of the Elemental Aspects, and-- I just want to say this right now, the Dream Plane is going to hands down be the most interesting map we have ever put in the game. It is insane.

Battle on!
Artix & The AdventureQuest 3D Team


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