Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt!

Artix Krieger | Friday, March 30, 2018


Hooper's in town near the travel crystal pushing the latest conspiracy theory of his tin foil hat club. Something about... eggs?

Frogzard Egg Hunting

Frogzards all over the world are now dropping eggs. Collect them and take them to Hooper to craft special Grenwog items at your level.

  • Grenwog Smasher (Hammer, many levels)
  • Grenwog Chopper (Axe, many levels)
  • Grenwog Slasher (Sword, many levels)

Clucky the Dricken Acolyte says, "Bwa b-cawk!"

Bwa b-cawk, fellow dricken enthusiast. *Deep dricken bow* Our beloved Mother Hen has begun dropping her seasonal gifts to those who are worthy. I, Clucky, will bestow the form of the great Dricken, which is now seasonal only, to the true believers-- for a generous donation of DragonCrystals. BWAK!

Mother Hen Drops (Weekend only)

  • Dricken Feather Robes
  • Driicken Scale Belt
  • Dricken Feet
  • Dricken Egg Shell Shoulders

Clucky the Dricken Acolyte

  • Selling Dricken Travel form for DCs in the cave


  • Retro VR Helmet (Seasonal rare)

Also... "FOOLISH" Badge!

You can unlock a new badge just for exploring the Dricken cave this weekend. Yup, this is a seasonal rare badge that coincides with a, uh, particular calendar date. We also added another badge for the Seraphic Paladin shirt that just went live on this weekend. Details below.

Coming Next Week!

Due to a game breaking bug, we have to push the Shaman story release back until next week, after our new game version with fix goes live. We will use the extra time we have to add more fun to this release for you.

Also happening this weekend!

AdventureQuest Worlds, our 2D game is at long last having the epic showdown between Dage's Undead Legion and Laken's Seraphic Paladin Order. Players will be intensely fighting for their side to win... and the outcome will change the games story forever. Two cutscenes were made... the winning side's cutscene will be shown upon their victory, and that story will become cannon. A week later, they will release the other cutscene, just so everyone can see what would have happened if the other side had won.  

While we do not have the Seraphic Paladins here in AdventureQuest 3D, the new T-shirt from HeroMart does include a bade and in-game weapon.

Battle on!

From all us here at Artix Entertainment, we wish you, your family & friends a fun, safe, and adventure filled weekend.


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