Artix Krieger | Monday, November 23, 2020

Phase 1 of Guilds is now live!

Guardians currently have early access to create a new guild (Requires level 10 and 10,000 gold) before it opens to all players. Anyone can be invited to join a guild.

Guild Button in menu

About Guilds

The first phase of guilds introduces a foundation that we will continue to build on.  Guilds choose both a full guild name, and also a 3 to 5 letter guild tag which will appear next to your name. Top features include cross-server guild chat and quick transportation to your guild members. You can read all of the details on....


  • Create a Guild
  • Join a Guild
  • Cross-Server Chat
  • Quick Teleport to Guild Members
  • Guild Leader Commands
    • Invite
    • Promote
    • Demote
    • Kick
    • Disband
  • Guild Chat Tab

Creating a Guild

Ultimately, every player will be able to create a guild from the new Guild section of their main menu. For this initial release, we  have granted early access to Guardians. Allowing Guardians to create guilds first solves a few issues-- it rewards them for keeping our servers online, allows them to secure their guild names, and also creates a smaller number of guilds so that we can better address bugs and problems.

Guild Creation Requirements

  • Guardian (Early access before it opens to all players)
  • Level 10
  • 10,000 Gold
Joining a Guild

Joining a Guild

Any guild leader or officer can invite you to join their guild. Simply hit accept. Once you are a member of the guild, you will see the guild tag next to your name. You will also be able to access guild chat and talk to your guildmates... even if they are on different servers. We added a tab in your chat box just for guild talk. Also, of course, we added a toggle switch to ignore guild invites in case someone gets spammy.

Guild Size

Guild Size

We are certainly going to be increasing the size of guilds in the future. You will need a larger guild to achieve some of the guild-wide tasks we have been planning. For this initial release, however, you will have a starting max guild size of 20 players.

Promote Guild


Guild Leaders Can Assign Ranks

In this first release, Guild Leaders will be able to assign the roles of Members, Officers, and Leaders to members of the guild.

Leaving or Disbanding a Guild

Yup. It is easy. Members of a guild can leave at any time. There is no penalty. The leader of a guild can disband their guild. If you are a guild leader it will ask you to give the leader position to someone before you can leave. If you want to disband the guild, remove all of the members first and then leave... which will make the guild go POOF!

Guilds are live now in AdventureQuest 3D!

The first priority is creating a strong foundation for Guilds. Once we have done that, we will be able to add any number of features. (Some ideas include acquiring land and building a castle with your guild, PvP war with other guilds, and guild levels that come from working together on guild quests.) Long before that, we will fix whatever issues are discovered and introduce some vital (and currently missing functionality) from being able to rename your guild, assign more ranks to guild members, and all of the other things you soon desire.

We hope guilds make it easier to play with your friends. This is the most important goal of this new system.

Update: You guys are so creative! XD

We have been watching players creating the guilds in real-time, and have been cracking up at the clever names. You have also been coming up with a lot of great suggestions for guild features you would like to see next. We have been fixing bugs and issues as they are reported and are currently working on a patch to resolve some of the bigger ones. We are off to a great start-- thank you for being a part of this.

Battle on!
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