Serenity - Innkeeper-In-Training

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

"My dream is to buy and own my own inn someday."

Meet Serenity. Yes sir, Captain Tight-pants... she's new at Yulgars Inn (in this game). She blew in like a leaf on the wind. 

Serenity just started work here

The first day on a new job can be both exciting and scary. My guess is scary... since she literally walked in while Vane was burning our old town to the ground.

Serenity does not seem to remember anything about her past. It is possible she took a serious hit to the head during the invasion. If your more conspiracy minded, you may be speculating that in this RPG this likely makes her the hero and you are actually an NPC. People who believe this are the same type that speculate that our world is actually a 20-sided die.

Food was hot and everyone was friendly

The food was hot... everything was hot. The town was literally on fire and burning to the ground!

Head on into the inn and say hi to Serenity. Would it be too meta to point out that some players may notice her outfit is the latest fashion design from the distant town of Falconreach?

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